Monitoring the Latest Mortgage Rates

calculator for determining your monthly payment with the current mortgage rate

Mortgage rates have been at their historic lows since the pandemic started last year and many have taken advantage of this to buy a home. Will the rates keep going down or will they go back up? This is one of the most frequent questions. People want to buy at the moment but in some parts of the country, there is a shortage of homes. As we all know, there are many factors that go into the performance of the real estate market which impacts the supply & demand. 

Whether you’re buying a property now or at a later time, checking the latest mortgage rates can help you to make the best decision for yourself and your family. In addition, you can plan and estimate how rates can impact your budget (when it comes to the monthly payment) with a mortgage calculator. Being prepared and equipped with the correct information can save you time and money when the time comes to buy your home.

Visit and speak to your local real estate agent and mortgage lender for more information.

Checking the Air Quality in Your Home

Couple with masks on because they are concerned about the air quality in the home
Have you checked your home’s air quality lately?

Your home is a place of comfort and security. However, is this possible with defective indoor air quality levels? During wildfire and allergy seasons, you may notice air quality alerts. These put you at risk for harmful effects from your outdoor air quality. Regardless, throughout the rest of the year, your home’s indoor toxins, pollutants, and chemicals could be worse than the outdoor air.

If you’re unfamiliar with how your home’s indoor air quality affects you, it’s critical to learn more. There are adverse health effects resulting from exposure to poor air quality, and you should monitor for various symptoms and conditions that can occur. This information will help you to avoid, prevent, and stop pollution in your home. Read on to understand some of the major indoor air pollutants and what you can do to keep your home clean and healthy.

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Best & Worst Home Improvement Projects to DIY

By: Lee Campbell

A couple working on a home improvement project together.

Which home improvement projects should you DIY, and which ones require professional help? We have all heard the old saying, “you get what you pay for.” But sometimes it’s what you should have paid for that ends up costing the most money, time, and energy. Here, we break down the dos and don’ts of do-it-yourself home improvement projects.

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The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Fish in Kids’ Rooms or Small Spaces

Girl looking at the fish in her small bedroom.
Fish can be the perfect companion in small spaces.

Fish are often held up as the perfect pet for those trapped in tiny apartments or for those desperate for a pet of their own in a crowded household. Small tanks can be an excellent way to keep an animal companion while also not taking up more than a few square feet of space on a desk or a dresser. However, fish are still living creatures, and there are a few steps, tips, and tricks to keep in mind before diving headfirst into setting up an aquarium in your apartment or child’s bedroom.

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Home Warranty Plans: Reasons You Should Have One

A red pen ready to sign a home warranty plan.

When buying an old home, it is common to check that all appliances and systems still work as intended. Having one or a few of them broken simply will not do. But what if there is concern that these aging appliances and systems will break down in the near future? You can maintain, repair, and replace, but the costs are not cheap. You should have a home warranty plan.

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Signs You Need to Work with an Executive

two clients who chose to work with an Executive to buy a home.
When it comes to buying a home, play it safe by working with an Executive.

The most critical step when buying property is choosing to work with a professional real estate agent. They know the market, and their insight and knowledge of the legal and technical steps of the transaction are precious. Below we discuss some characteristics and behaviors agents should demonstrate while working with clients. If you encounter any red flags when choosing a real estate agent, it is a sign you need to work with an Executive!

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Realty Executives Elite All Stars Opens in Northern California

Realty Executives Elite All Stars logo next to Broker/Owner William Cering.

Realty Executives International is excited to announce the opening of Realty Executives Elite All Stars, located in Roseville, CA. The newest California brokerage is another successful addition for the real estate franchisor, who renewed their focus on growth and retention in the new year.

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Common Major Repairs Every Homeowner Should Prepare For

Multiple tools shaped as a home to symbolize home repairs
As a homeowner, preparing for home repairs is a must.

It is a part of homeownership: unexpected home repairs. Some of them are simple and inexpensive fixes, like repairing a broken drawer handle or replacing a doorknob. However, some of them, such as replacing the roof or removing mold, are laborious tasks that require the services of a professional and can cause financial strain if you are unprepared.

For this reason, it is important to plan for major home repairs. Even though you do not know when to expect such repairs, you can be prepared for when they happen! Read on for some insight into common home fixes that homeowners may encounter.

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Hosting a Backyard Wedding

Backyard wedding with long dinner table set up near the pool.

Have you ever thought about tying the knot in your own backyard, or offering it up to someone in need of a wedding venue? Saying “I do” in a place close to your heart certainly has its advantages. Still, pulling it off without a hitch requires some special planning. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning or hosting a backyard wedding.

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Quietest Garage Door Openers

By: Good Guys Garage Door Solutions

man with green shirt installing a quiet garage door opener

Manufacturers create garage door openers to operate with the highest quality of safety, security, and convenience. Beyond even these advancements, garage door openers can now function almost silently. This can be an especially important advantage if you have a room located above or beside the garage door. That is why we collected a list of the five quietest garage door openers from three top brands: LiftMaster, Genie, and Sommer.

Before we jump into the specific openers, you should know what makes an opener operate more quietly. When shopping for a new opener, look for side-mount or belt drive options. Because both have fewer moving parts or metal hardware, they produce fewer vibrations and thus less noise. Also, look for descriptions that mention soft start and close. This also assists in reducing vibration, cutting back on noise levels.

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