8 Festive Ways to Decorate Your Home’s Exterior for Christmas

By: Army of Davids Garage Doors

A garage door with a red bow, an easy way to decorate your home's exterior.

As we approach the holidays, more and more homeowners are pulling out their Christmas decorations. Glittering lights, garlands, and wreaths are just a few of the decorations you may find gracing the exterior of homes.

But you may be surprised that the garage door, front door, and home siding can be a part of the Christmas cheer, too! There are a lot of ways you can decorate your home without harming its finish. It will make your home more festive and bright, just in time for the holiday season.

We’ve come up with a list of 8 easy ways you can decorate your home’s exterior for a festive touch. With materials you can find at a nearby store, you’ll be all set to transform your home and yard into a fun Christmas wonderland.

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Creating a Family Time Capsule

a collage of items that could be included in a family time capsule.

If you’re looking for a fun activity to bring your family closer together, consider making a family time capsule. By creating one, you’ll not only spend quality time with your family, but you’ll also learn valuable information depending on what your family members put into it. The best part is that the rules for the time capsule can be made up by the whole family so everyone has a say. Plus, you can take the time and decorate your time capsule with your family and make it unique!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Home Addition

a blue home over a blueprint, showing plans for a home addition

Does your house seem to be feeling increasingly smaller? Perhaps your family has spent too much time cramped together over the past year, there is a new baby on the way, or you simply need some extra space for the home office or hobbies. If moving isn’t a desirable option, it is finally time to add more square footage to your house. How do you go about it? How do you plan a successful home addition?

This article discusses the steps involved in a home addition, how to make sure you are not in violation of zoning regulations, what to consider when building an addition, and how to budget for the project.

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Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a 5-Star Hotel

A bedroom that looks and feels like a 5-star hotel

What makes a night in a nice hotel so endlessly alluring? Is it the crisp linen, the luxurious pillows, the complimentary hand lotion? Maybe it’s the room service, the neatness, or the peace and quiet? The truth is, it’s all those things and more. Over the years, a lot of thought has gone into what it takes to make hotel rooms as relaxing and welcoming as possible.

The good news is that you don’t have to travel the world or spend lots of money on a hotel to experience this. You can emulate most of these things in your very own bedroom.

Read on to learn 9 simple ways to make your bedroom feel like a 5-star hotel. All our tips are simple and easy to implement, and most are affordable too! 

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How Much Can You Expect to Pay in Closing Costs

a wooden house and a calculator symbolizing closing costs

The process of buying a home requires many steps. One of the final ones is paying the closing costs on your new house. Here is everything you need to know about these expenses.

What Are Closing Costs?

Closing costs are the fees you owe at the end of a real estate transaction. Your lender will provide you with an estimate after receiving your mortgage application. In the U.S, the average closing cost is $6,087 with taxes. Yet, the price will vary based on several factors, such as your home’s purchase price and the type of loan.

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Why Replacing an Old Mattress in a New Home is a Good Idea

a new mattress in a bedroom

When moving to a new house, the most challenging decision you may have is deciding which possessions to carry with you and what to leave behind. Depending on the precise conditions of your migration, choosing what to do with your stuff can be either a simple chore or a challenging test of your decision-making abilities. The mattress is one home item that you may have difficulty deciding what to do with. Whether you know it or not, your mattress is among the most crucial pieces of furniture in your home because you sleep on it for one-third of the day.

The best time to get rid of your old mattress is when you move to a new house. However, people still have doubts about whether they should buy a new mattress or stick to the old one when they shift to a new home.  If you are one of them, don’t worry because you are in the right place to get answers! We will provide a detailed overview of why you need to change your old mattress, along with the drawbacks of moving the old mattress to the new home.

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Andrea Martone: Giving It All When It Comes to Giving Back

The Realty Executives Platinum Agents’ owner is passionate about getting involved in the communities she serves.

Andrea Martone, owner of Realty Executives Platinum Agents.

Andrea Martone, a top New Jersey Realtor® and the owner of Realty Executives Platinum Agents, has an unquenchable passion for real estate combined with compassion for her community… and both of those qualities are evident through her dedication to both her clients and community service.

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