Creating a Family Time Capsule

a collage of items that could be included in a family time capsule.

If you’re looking for a fun activity to bring your family closer together, consider making a family time capsule. By creating one, you’ll not only spend quality time with your family, but you’ll also learn valuable information depending on what your family members put into it. The best part is that the rules for the time capsule can be made up by the whole family so everyone has a say. Plus, you can take the time and decorate your time capsule with your family and make it unique!

When creating a family time capsule, consider such things as how long you’ll want to wait until you open it, as well as how often you would want to add to it. For example, if you choose to wait 10 years before opening your time capsule, then you could add to it each year and have 10 years’ worth of memories. You could also make it an annual activity and open it every year to see how things have changed.

As far as what will go into the time capsule, it’s really up to you and your family members. Some ideas include a DVD of your family’s favorite movie or a box of your favorite board games. Everyone could include a handwritten list of their favorite shows to watch or music to listen to.

Another fun idea could be to make a short family video for your future selves, put it on a disk or USB drive, and add it to the capsule. If your family decides to add items to the capsule each year, you can keep adding videos to the disk or USB to keep it updated.

If you’d like the time capsule to be more personal for everyone, you could have each member of the family write a letter to one another and put them in the capsule for everyone to read later. Not only will this be a nice thing to open up in the future, but it’s also a way for everyone to express their feelings for one another without having to directly say it, which can be difficult at times, especially for kids.

Lastly, it could be fun for everyone to write some predictions for the future. This can help you get to know your kids a little better and show you what’s really important to them at different stages of their lives.

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