The Professionals You Need to Hire Before Building a Home Addition

A man looking around his home addition during construction.

Building a home addition can be an excellent real estate investment – not to mention a necessity for those who work from home. Once your addition is complete, you can rent out the secondary suite to help pay off your mortgage or supplement your income. But first, you will need to hire a few professionals who can streamline your project and help you avoid common pitfalls that can delay your build. Here are some key professionals to add to your home addition building team.

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Avoiding Insomnia in a New Home

A woman sleeping with a mask to avoid insomnia in a new home.

Sleeping in new environments can sometimes trigger latent insomniac tendencies. It can manifest in difficulty falling and remaining asleep or waking up early. It’s a well-studied phenomenon in sleep science known as the “first-night effect.” In that state, half of your brain remains alert while the other half sleeps. It’s your brain’s way of protecting you against danger in unfamiliar places.

You may experience the “first-night effect” when sleeping at a friend’s house, hotels, or new places. Don’t worry, though. This article will give you advice on how to avoid insomnia in a new home.

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Eight Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

A modern kitchen with blue cabinetry and open shelving.

Whether you are hoping to increase the value of your home or simply want to rid yourself of an outdated eyesore, upgrading your kitchen is an excellent option for any homeowner. Contrary to popular belief, upgrades don’t have to break the bank or be life-altering changes.

In the case of your kitchen, there are plenty of ways to make inexpensive changes that boost the appearance of your home and may help you reach a higher price tag when it comes time to sell. Below are a few options for upgrades under $100 that make a huge splash!

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Promoting Relaxation with Color

a person considering relaxation with color when decorating a room.

While there are many different style preferences when it comes to your home, every homeowner can agree that the goal of their home is to be an oasis among a hectic life. Not everyone can afford (or find space) to install a Zen garden, but there are plenty of other options to bring relaxation into the house. The easiest method is to choose colors that promote relaxation effortlessly.

Scientists have found that colors can evoke emotions. Just as clashing neon pieces can sometimes induce uneasiness, calm, cool colors can help you unwind. Read on to learn more about some color palettes that can provide some peace and calm in your home.

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Realty Executives of Flagstaff Supports Habitat for Humanity with Special Initiative Program

A group photo of Execs from Realty Executives of Flagstaff in the Habitat for Humanity build.

Realty Executives of Flagstaff, the longest-running real estate brokerage in Flagstaff, is committed to supporting Habitat for Humanity of Northern Arizona. The firm participated in several programs to raise over $16,000 for the charity last year.

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Is Buying an Apartment a Good Investment for You?

An apartment with a gray couch and white coffee table.

Are you thinking about investing in real estate? An apartment can often be a good investment opportunity. However, if you want to decide whether investing is right for you, you should look at your situation. At the end of the day, it all depends on your circumstances and timing. Consider the following questions to help make your decision. 

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