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Renovating Your Primary Bedroom This Spring

A recently remodeled primary bedroom that is elegant and clean.

Does your primary bedroom need a makeover? Spring is the perfect season to refresh and renew this all-important room in your home. You spend so much time here, after all, that you want it to be a space you love.

If a bedroom renovation is on your to-do list, you have a lot of options. A full-blown remodel can add more closet space, windows, or square footage. But you can also create maximum impact with something as simple as changing out your old linens for high-end bedding.

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Buy a Home with These Features to Avoid Renovations

A couple searching for a new home with minimal renovations required.

Gravitating toward move-in ready homes when house hunting has numerous merits. These properties are good to go — even though they may need some facelifts to look more presentable. More importantly, these residences are less likely to require costly renovations for a long time.

Moving into a house you do not need to renovate is underrated. Buying and relocating to your new home can be a significant expense — not to mention the time and energy required to close the deal and transfer your belongings to a different address.

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Planning an Attic Renovation? Where to Start

An attic that has recently undergone renovation to make it a beautiful living space.

Do you currently have an attic space that you only use to collect unwanted junk? Turning your attic into a functional and livable space rather than a dark and dusty storage area is a great way to add value to your home and expand your living space. It may seem like a large undertaking if you’re starting with bare bones, but your project will go much smoother if you start with a solid plan.

Read on to learn about the steps you should take before tackling your attic renovation.

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Poor Workmanship When Renovating Your California Home? Know Your Rights

Two workers in the middle of a California home renovation.

If you are a homeowner, regardless of the age of your home, at some point there will be home improvements, maintenance, or renovations to undertake. Projects to improve your property, such as knocking out drywall or creating a backyard garden, will be exciting yet inevitably stressful.

The last thing you want to think about during your project is a future lawsuit. By consulting a real estate attorney, a consumer rights group, or local government authority before you sign on the dotted line with your selected contractor will aid you in protecting your rights.

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The Professionals You Need to Hire Before Building a Home Addition

A man looking around his home addition during construction.

Building a home addition can be an excellent real estate investment – not to mention a necessity for those who work from home. Once your addition is complete, you can rent out the secondary suite to help pay off your mortgage or supplement your income. But first, you will need to hire a few professionals who can streamline your project and help you avoid common pitfalls that can delay your build. Here are some key professionals to add to your home addition building team.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Home Addition

a blue home over a blueprint, showing plans for a home addition

Does your house seem to be feeling increasingly smaller? Perhaps your family has spent too much time cramped together over the past year, there is a new baby on the way, or you simply need some extra space for the home office or hobbies. If moving isn’t a desirable option, it is finally time to add more square footage to your house. How do you go about it? How do you plan a successful home addition?

This article discusses the steps involved in a home addition, how to make sure you are not in violation of zoning regulations, what to consider when building an addition, and how to budget for the project.

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6 Roof Types to Consider for Your Home Upgrade

The top of a terracotta colored home
There are several roof styles to consider when upgrading the exterior of your home.

The roof of our house protects us from the harshest elements, but it does so much more than that.

For instance, the shape of our roof contributes significantly to our home’s overall look and style.

In some cases, the roof type you choose dictates whether you can have an attic, loft, or any additional living space.

Your roof can also play a role in making your home more energy-efficient and more resilient to specific weather conditions.

When the time to upgrade your home comes and your roof is a priority, you will need the services of a skilled, experienced, and licensed roofer with the right roofing insurance coverage. With a roofing contractor’s help, you can pick a new roof type that will be perfect for your home. There is no shortage of roof types to consider for your home upgrade. Read on for some of them.

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5 Options for Financing Your Home Improvement Project

home improvement project planning with a hammer, protractor, and small house over floorplans
Home renovations can be costly, but there are several ways to finance them.

Home improvement is often a costly expense, but it is often necessary, especially if there are damages in your home that need to be fixed. Improving your property does not only come when you want to update its appearance. Sometimes, you need to do it for maintenance purposes.

If you find yourself in a situation where work is needed but you do not have enough money to facilitate it, research and consider the following options for financing home improvement projects:

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Converting a Storage Place Into So Much More

When you’re dealing with a smaller apartment, one thing is certain – you’ll have to be innovative if you want to get the most out of your space. There are plenty of situations where you’d want to have an additional room. For example, if you’ve got two kids, them sharing a single room during adolescence is sure to cause frustration all around. With that in mind, we’ve decided to give you a couple of tips on how to convert a storage space into a bedroom. Read on and enjoy! 

The Right Color

So, you’ve decided to convert a storage space into a bedroom. Sure, if you’ve got a walk-in closet that you can do without; making a bedroom out of it is certainly possible. It won’t be a spacious one, obviously; let’s just say you won’t be able to transport your piano safely inside. However, you can still utilize the space you have to the best of your abilities. And by using some interior designing tricks, you can make it seem bigger than it really is. 

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