Why Replacing an Old Mattress in a New Home is a Good Idea

a new mattress in a bedroom

When moving to a new house, the most challenging decision you may have is deciding which possessions to carry with you and what to leave behind. Depending on the precise conditions of your migration, choosing what to do with your stuff can be either a simple chore or a challenging test of your decision-making abilities. The mattress is one home item that you may have difficulty deciding what to do with. Whether you know it or not, your mattress is among the most crucial pieces of furniture in your home because you sleep on it for one-third of the day.

The best time to get rid of your old mattress is when you move to a new house. However, people still have doubts about whether they should buy a new mattress or stick to the old one when they shift to a new home.  If you are one of them, don’t worry because you are in the right place to get answers! We will provide a detailed overview of why you need to change your old mattress, along with the drawbacks of moving the old mattress to the new home.

Reasons to Get a New Mattress in a New House

It’s no surprise that a top-quality mattress is a fantastic long-term investment — the benefits include significantly better sleep, fewer back issues, lower stress levels, and waking up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Essentially, you should change your bed at any point if it is no longer assisting you in getting a good night’s sleep. There’s no definite way to tell if it’s time for a new bed, but generally, if you’re planning to get a new bed, it’s probably a good idea to invest that money sooner rather than later. Sleepingocean.com provides the opportunity for the customer to choose top-notch quality mattresses and bedroom accessories.

However, if you are still undecided whether to purchase a new mattress, the following are a few indications that can help you decide.

Old Mattress

It is suggested that you inspect your bed every five years for evidence of structural problems or a general reduction in quality. According to experts, under typical conditions, you should probably replace your mattress every six to eight years. Of course, it isn’t a hard and fast rule; it’s simply a suggestion that you may ignore as long as you’re content with your mattress. If you have no clue how old your mattress is, you may want to consider leaving it behind and buying a new one after the relocation.

Sleep Discomfort

Your mattress may appear to be in good condition on the exterior, but it may need to be replaced if it no longer allows you to receive the quality sleep you used to get. If you wake up with headaches, back, or neck pain, it might be due to the poor quality of your mattress. If you feel your old mattress is impairing restful sleep or having adverse effects on your health, relocation is the ideal opportunity to replace it.

Moving Expense

An important reason to get a new mattress when relocating is to avoid the transportation cost and energy required to move your old bed. Paying to move your old mattress across the country just to use it for six to eight months is not likely economical. So, buying a new mattress from a place near your home will be an intelligent and convenient choice.

Is It Worth Buying a Mattress for a New Home?

In almost every situation, the answer is definitely yes. A new mattress may enhance your sleep quality, affecting everything, including your energy levels, attitude, and general health. Some of the possible benefits of a new mattress are stated below.

Reduced Pains

If you woke up with a headache or discomfort in your back, shoulders, hips, or neck, your mattress is likely contributing to the issue. Older beds droop in spots, reducing support and making it much harder for your spine to be perfectly coordinated. This can be easily avoided using a new mattress.

Transfer Less Motion

Old mattresses are more likely to transmit motion from one edge of the bed to another. This implies that a companion switching positions in the middle of the night might interrupt your sleep. A new mattress will convey less motion, allowing couples to sleep more soundly together.

Better Sleep

Newer mattresses enhance sleep quality while decreasing back problems and stress. The majority of new mattress users claim that their quality of sleep increased after acquiring a new mattress.

Drawbacks of Keeping an Old Mattress in a New House

Your decision to keep your old mattress while moving to a new home may have various consequences depending on the specific events following your house move. Following are the few drawbacks:

Additional Expense

You might have to pay a lot of money to get your mattress moved by a transport company. Of course, you’ll be moving it alongside a bunch of other items, including large furniture. However, old mattresses are significantly heavier than new mattresses, and the added overall weight could boost your total moving charges.

Transportation Damage

You’ll need to find the best possible approach to transport a mattress so that it stays completely intact during the relocation. Keep in mind that there is always a chance of getting the mattress dirty, torn, or damaged if not properly cared for during the transfer between the two residences.


While it may be appealing to keep your current mattress and save money, the majority of individuals will find it advantageous to update. Remember that you will spend around one-third of your life in bed. We hope that after reading the article you understand why replacing an old mattress in a new home is a good idea.

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