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The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Fish in Kids’ Rooms or Small Spaces

Girl looking at the fish in her small bedroom.
Fish can be the perfect companion in small spaces.

Fish are often held up as the perfect pet for those trapped in tiny apartments or for those desperate for a pet of their own in a crowded household. Small tanks can be an excellent way to keep an animal companion while also not taking up more than a few square feet of space on a desk or a dresser. However, fish are still living creatures, and there are a few steps, tips, and tricks to keep in mind before diving headfirst into setting up an aquarium in your apartment or child’s bedroom.

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Transforming Nursery Into the Best “Big Kid” Room

It’s never easy to accept that your little one is growing up. But something fun that happens when they do start to become a little bit taller and stronger is moving them from a nursery into their very own big boy or big girl room full of their blossoming personality. Let’s go through five tips to help you transform that nursery into a kid’s dream room!

The Big Kid Bed

The biggest change when converting your child’s nursery into their long-term big kid room is going to be saying goodbye to the crib and introducing a toddler or full size bed. This transition may be a little hard at first since your child is most likely going to want to get out of bed now that they aren’t surrounded by the crib bars, but it’s also something to be celebrated! Your kiddo will be so excited to have a big bed of their own and you can make it even more fun by adding a cozy comforter and placing their favorite blanket or stuffed animal on top. You can find plenty of different bed frames for various prices that will fit your style and/or theme.

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