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Selling Unique Homes In New Jersey

(Published on - 10/1/2019 6:19:46 PM)

Selling Unique Homes In New Jersey

Selling Unique Homes in Nutley New Jersey

Selling a "Unique Home in NJ" could mean several things, it could be a home that you cannot put a price on or a home that is out of the price range of the homes selling in that particular area.


It all depends on what your definition of Unique is, how do you sell a home that would not normally appraise or be valued like the ones around it, how do you market such properties today in a marketplace that is driven by numbers, how do you show the value of that said home and find a cash buyer.


Well the good news that as a marketing person and broker their are a lot of tools at our disposal today to get more eyeballs on the property to find that needle in a haystack, Yes! It is possible and I have done it many times, but its not simple nor is it easy it takes work, some real savvy marketing work that needs to be done to show the perceived value of the home and have a homeowner pay cash money for that home without question.


First you have to create a market for the home you have to create the allure and attract the right people to the home and there are multiple ways of doing that, creating media and content around the home and area to focusing  on your target audience, and what I mean by target audience is the people or persons that would appreciate the home or the history of the home that you think would be a good fit, remember out of all the home buyers out there all we need is that one that appreciates the property and has value to them.


We do this by creating great photography, video and we tell the story of the home either in written word like this blog and market & share that content to the different channels we have today, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Snapchat and all the social platforms that we can distribute content with, we become an "Influencer" of the home we guide people it's more than just throwing the home on the MLS and sitting and praying and this is done daily, not just once.


Sometimes it takes throwing an event, I had one home that was sitting on the market for about a year with two different brokers, I took the listing on around the christmas holiday and what I did was hire a santa to take holiday photos with families and their children and also a couple of people took photos with their dogs! and that is exactly how we found a buyer, of course we promoted the fact that we were having a santa at the home as well.


Overall in today's real estate market you need to be Creative, you need to be willing to put in the work and use every tool available to highlight that property to get it sold, If you have a Unique home and are thinking about selling it, give me a call at 862-228-0554 I would to show you how we are different.




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