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Nutley Home Sellers Guide To Success

(Published on - 11/19/2019 8:45:02 PM)

Nutley Home Sellers Guide To Success

Selling Your Home in Nutley New Jersey

Selling your home Nutley NJ is a huge decision with many things to consider and prepare for
before and during the process. It is important to know what is involved and what it
will mean for you. Realty Executives Elite Homes are experts in the home selling process. Use this exclusive Home Seller’s Guide to help walk you through the process from start to finish
in preparation for selling your home.


It is important to know the state of your local real estate market and whether it is currently a
buyer’s or seller’s market. If you are able to be flexible with the time of the sale of your home, it is best to wait until it is a seller’s market. A seller’s market is when there are more buyers searching for homes, which can give you better negotiating power and can drive the value of your home up!

Of course, if time does not permit and it is a buyer’s market, it does not mean your home won’t sell – some neighborhoods could still be a hot market despite it being a buyer’s market (and vice versa). To fully understand the market and to ensure you have done enough research, it is best to talk to a local expert.


Hiring a professional real estate agent is the best way to ensure you are going to sell your
home at the best price in a timely manner. Ask family, friends or coworkers if they know any
agents that they had good experiences with – or if there are agents they would not recommend.

As noted before, agents with experience in your neighborhood is important. See which
agents work often within your neighborhood and who knows the community and market. Most importantly, find someone who you want to work with, who you trust and that makes you feel comfortable in your home.


When starting the home selling process, it is important to put your best foot forward when it
comes to improvements. The common wear and tear on a home can lessen its appeal and sales value. Take a look and determine what improvements your current home could benefit from and then decide which are easy enough to handle on your own and which may require hiring a professional.

A Realty Executives Elite Homes agent will be able to help you identify the best use of money and what improvements are necessary to get the best ROI on the sale of your home.
Curb appeal is always key for potential buyers, so make sure to give them a memorable first
impression – spend some time cleaning up the front


A CMA is a comparative market analysis that will tell you what similar homes have sold for or are currently on the market in your area. Your real estate agent should provide you with a CMA as part of their listing presentation which is typically presented during the interview process. The CMA will also include the price or price range that your agent suggests listing your home for.

When pricing your home, make sure to ask your agent about a pricing strategy. For example, your agent might recommend to price slightly lower in an effort to get a bidding war and raise the price of the final offer. Ultimately, you need to be comfortable discussing the sale price and a reasonable range of what you will accept for the home.


Selling Your Home in Nutley New JerseyCLEAN, ORGANIZE & DECLUTTER
Selling your home is a great excuse to clean out those closets and get rid of extra clutter. Potential buyers need to be able to see themselves in the home, which is hard to do when someone else’s personal belongings are scattered throughout. Remove photos, family valuables and other personal items to not only set the stage, but to protect your belongings during open houses.

After staging the home, freshen up everything you can – fresh towels, clean carpets, sparkling
countertops. To add a special touch, order fresh flowers or cookies before an open house to
make your home as welcoming as possible.


Once you receive an offer, you may accept, reject or counter it. If you decide to counter the
offer, be prepared to begin the negotiation process. Your real estate agent should be the main resource in guiding you through this process, but depending on common practice in your area, you may also want to hire a real estate lawyer. As a seller, this process can be stressful but ask questions, be patient and rely on the professionals.


Selling Your Home In Nutley NJ

Completing the home sale includes several stages. Depending on the area you are selling in, these settlements are generally handled by the closing agent, but that could differ. Be prepared to sign a lot of documents and bring various forms of personal identification. Depending on the state you live in, you may sign during the same appointment as your buyer, or you may do it separately.

The keys are handed over to the buyer once you have moved out of the home, in accordance with your contract with the buyer. Sometimes the keys are handed over immediately and other times it could be later.




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