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Buying A Home in Nutley? Why It's Soon Going To Get Harder

(Published on - 1/21/2022 4:58:33 PM)

Buying A Home in Nutley? Why It's Soon Going To Get Harder


Time is running out for home buyers and home sellers in Nutley New Jersey.



Here we are January 21st, 2022 and the Real Estate market in Nutley seems like it's on fire, we are all asking the question this year, will there be a crash in the Real Estate Market in Nutley NJ?


There are a couple of things going on right now they may cause people to think that the market wil start to shift by the end of 2022, right now buyers are chashing the rising interest rates out there, while home buyers are waiting to put their home on the market because they are either think it will go up in value or they have no idea where or what they would be able to buy when they sell their home.


Right now we know rates are going to rise and also we have the issue of building material and labor, covid has caused a back log of supply chain issues accross the globe and the U.S. is no excpetion.


We are in the perfect storm in Nutley, home owners that are not ready to put there home on the market and a whole generation that is ready to buy, builders not keeping up with population demand and building materials becoming to expensive to build, we are dealing with a pure supply and demand issue here.


My advice if you are a home buyer move quickly, if you are a home seller, move quickly as well, because even if prices do come down at the end of the year mortgage rates will be higher and higher rates mean lower priced homes but higher mortgage payemts, but less buyers.


Lets see what 2022 brings us!





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