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Buying a home in Nutley NJ, home to win in this competitive market.

(Published on - 1/17/2022 2:51:45 PM)

Buying a home in Nutley NJ

How to get a home in this very competitive Nutley Real Estate Market

Buying A Home in Nutley New Jersey

Here are several tips from my experience as a Real Estate Broker in Nutley NJ, that may help you buy the home of your dreams today.


The very first and most important thing I would do is not only get pre-qualified but actually get a mortgage commitment in place before you even start to shop for a home, that will give you an edge over the competition.


The second thing I would do is find a real estate agent in Nutley that knows the town, knows the area and also knows the Building codes as to not run into any hurdles when you find that dream home in Nutley NJ.


The third thing is to pre-qual yourself for the market, look at homes that have been listed and sold for the past six months in Nutley, look at how many days they were on the market what it was listed for and what it actually sold for, gather your market intelligence so you know what to expect when you submit your offer, a knowledgable realtor in Nutley, NJ can help you with all that information.


Fourth, come up with a plan, you and your agent should have a strategy when going out house hunting, and that is exactly what we are doing is hunting for that home that fits your needs.


Last but not least,  be prepared to concede some wants in your new Nutley home, if you can satisfy 90% of your current home needs that's not a bad deal, I always tell clients to buy with a need in mind, the wants can always come later, you can grow into your home, I always say you can always change the house but you can't changes the area.


If you have anymore questions about buying your dream home in Nutley, NJ you can always call or text me at 862-228-0554




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