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West Milford NJ | Lake Front Homes | Greenwood Lake

(Published on - 8/28/2021 2:13:03 PM)

West Milford NJ | Lake Front Homes | Greenwood Lake 

Buying a Lake Front Home in West Milford New Jersey, Greenwood Lake & Upper Greenwood Lake.


Lake Front Homes West Milford NJ


So you are thinking that owning a Lake Front home in West Milford New Jersey may be really fun and execiting for you and your family, well I am going to talk to you from the area of practial experiance, I have owned several homes in West Milford NJ and a Lakefront home as well on Upper Greenwood Lake.


First off living on Greenwood Lake is gorgeous and the view of the lake from your deck or porch or maybe even your picture window is amazing, in the Spring, Summer & Fall That is, the Winters are also beautiful on Greenwood Lake but brace yourself for a little colder experience.


Sometimes the winds coming off the frozen lake in the winter could feel like minus 10 below, back in the day they would use greenwood lake to cut ice chunks out of it and sell off to the locals of couse this was before refridgerators were invented.


Now depending what type of home you own on the lake you own, a Log Cabin or a Luxury Home on Greenwood Lake your experiance is going to be different, also if you have a pool, yes a pool on the lake makes sense right? I have a pool and I do live on a lake and I can tell you in the Summer Months I spend my days cleaning the pool most of the time because with that beautiful view comes a lot of trees and you know what that means, Leaves!!!


If you own one of those larger Luxury homes on Greenwood Lake in the winter months when everything is snow covered you are going to feel like your in Aspen and the quiet, oh the insulation of the snow and the quietness around the lake is just Majestic.


Mornings, mornings are awesome to have a nice cup of coffee on your deck or balcony just watching the water and the birds running around as the rising sun hits the surface of the lake ,that is what you are paying for!!!


Over all it takes a little bit of adjusting living in a Lake Community in West Milford NJ, especially if you are living there all year round, for anymore information or to see the latest homes in West Milford fell free to call me at 862-228-0554





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