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What do Fidget Spinners & Home Values in Nutley Have in Common?

(Published on - 6/1/2017 2:11:39 PM)

Trends! yes, that is correct just like those little Fidget Spinners the kids are playing with today so does home values in Nutley.



2 Months ago no one even knew what a Fidget Spinners was now they are all over the place, you can buy them everywhere even at Petracco's Deli in Nutley people jumped on a trend and then its takes off!


Same goes for housing the law of supply and demand kicks in and people want what they cannot have especially in a town where the inventory is low and the demand is high, so how does this trend affect a home buyer in Nutley? well, it means that you're going to pay more for a home as long as the trend for homes in Nutley is in an upward direction.


Home Trends In Nutley NJFollow Your Towns Home Values Here:


What does it mean for home sellers in Nutley? well, it means that you can get more for your home as the trend keeps moving upward as well, so what are you to do Nutley home seller and Nutley home buyer? SELL, SELL SELL!!!!!! BUY!!!!, BUY!!!!!, BUY!!! and when is the best time to do THAT WOULD BE NOW! either way, call me for all your Real Estate needs in Nutley.


Matthew De Fede

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