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Welcome to Nutley New Jersey

(Published on - 5/23/2016 2:45:01 PM)


As a Real Estate agent broker who has his office in Nutley NJ and Resides in Nutley and who’s children go to Nutley schools I pride myself in working in this great town and I have a vested interest to every single home owner and home buyer in this town, my wife is also a long time resident of Nutley and her family as well as mine has had businesses in Nutley NJ and we have allot of ties and family and friends that live here in Nutley with us we, so when your thinking about selling a home in town why not choose an agent who has the town’s interest at heart as well as yours and when your buying a home in town why not got with a Real Estate office owned by someone who actually lives in Nutley my wife and I are both “FULL TIME Realtors” and are proud to live in this great town!

We Are The Local Nutley Real Estate Experts NO ONE has a better online presence than we do, See more homes than Zillow & Trulia Combined, Our website offers the most comprehensive and easy-to-use New Jersey home search technologies available. From this website you can search for all Nutley NJ Real Estate. Each day the site is updated by the Nutley MLS with new listings, price reductions and more.


About Nutley New Jersey
Nutley New Jersey is located 9 miles from NYC, It is a quiet suburb with great schools and family friendly atmosphere

Nutley is located in the Northern quadrant of Essex County and enjoys a unique picturesque suburban existence in close proximity to New York City. It is conveniently located near the Garden State Parkway, New Jersey Turnpike, Route 3 and Route 21. Even with a population of approximately 27,000, this bedroom community enjoys a small town ambiance throughout its quiet, well-maintained tree lined streets.


Since the arrival of Robert Treat in 1666, the character of the men and women who have lived in in town in the past 300 plus years has influenced our town. Our forefathers quarried the brownstone from the mines along the Passaic River to provide the raw materials for expansion of our great cities, and they toiled in the mills that lay along the Third River to manufacture the basic necessities of life. Living in the Enclosure area, they created the paintings and authored the writings that contributed to our appreciation of the arts, and in more recent times they have established homes and schools, and created neighborhoods that give the town the characteristics of a small town in a metropolitan environment.

The town has been recognized as a town blessed with residents who take an active role in maintaining and improving the quality of life here. Although we may think this is something unique to modern times, a history of the town written in 1925 as part of the history of Essex County states “seldom can one find so deep a public spirit, so complete a participation in public affairs, so unselfish an affection for a place, as is shown by its people.”


This spirit of volunteerism has been demonstrated by many of distinguished residents. In 1894, Annie Oakley and Henry Cuyler Bunner, a renowned author and editor of the famous Puck magazine, spearheaded a community effort to benefit the American Red Cross with a performance of the Amateur Circus (See 1894 The Illustrated American magazine article) . Held at Eaton Stone Circus headquarters on Kingsland Road, prominent residents volunteered as performers and roustabouts. Later, in 1917, Col. H. G. Prout, editor of the Railroad Gazette, became the first president of the Red Cross when it became affiliated with the American Red Cross.

Schools & Parks in Nutley NJ
Nutley has on of the best school districts & parks departments in Essex County NJ

Nutley has one of the best Parks systems in Essex County, the parks stretch from one end of the town to the other, great for afternoon walls with the kids or just to get out and get some exercise, The parks are considered the “crown jewel” of the Essex County park systems. The Township prides itself in maintaining a commendable level of conservation while safeguarding this pristine natural resource from impending and unnecessary sprawl. The latest surveys list the Township as maintaining over 10,000 trees and over 100 acres of recreational land. No home in is more than one half mile from a park or playground.


The Nutley Schools have a long tradition of educational excellence. Nutley students have consistently scored above the State average on tests administered as part of the New Jersey State Testing Program. Nutley students compete in various academic competitions on town, county, state and national levels. Nutley has frequently been honored as one of the top communities for music education in the United States. Specifically, the Music Program has been, for many years, an award winning program on both state and national level. Nutley Schools opened a full day kindergarten program in September 2010.

Many of these schools were constructed by the beginning of the 20th century and they have been refurbished by referendums in 2002, 2004 and 2006 totaling 68 million dollars.


The final stages will be completed in 2011. Two of the elementary schools are heated by Geo Thermal systems. School Budgets are very consistently supported by the community. The School District’s website as well as the township website is extensive, and informative. It is another indication of this attractive suburban community that encourages citizens to support actively the rich opportunities that Nutley, New Jersey offers citizens of all ages.



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