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3 Ways To Sell A Home In Nutley NJ During A Market Shift

(Published on - 11/7/2022 8:37:28 PM)

3 Ways To Sell A Home In Nutley NJ During A Market Shift


Selling Your Home In Nutley, NJ


The last 3 years real estate in Nutley has appreciated over 40%, and during those years many agents did not do a lot of marketing to get a home sold, but now as the market starts to shift to a more even market in Nutley, agents have to actually work to get a home sold and in order to get top dollar in the coming market and in 2023, some marketing has to be done and this is what your listing agent should be doing to get your home in Nutley sold.


1) Professional Photography


Professional Photography In Nutley For Homes

Professional photography when selling  your house in Nutley is the most important thing you can do in todays visual world, every one has a cell phone and they all view photos, the first impression your home makes is via photography even on all he Nutley MLS Sites and Sites Like Zillow &, you never know who is looking at your images it may mean the difference between a sale or no sale.


2) Professional Video


Professional Video When Selling In Nutley NJ

You Tube is the worlds second largest search engine to GOOGLE, so when the people are searching for homes in Nutley or Living in Nutley you can be certain your home will be at the top of the search for conusmers in todays market and the market of 2023.



3) Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing For Real Estate

Social media has become so important in real estate today with billions of eye balls today and people of home buying age all being on social media like Facebook, InstagramTik Tok and others, social media has become a lot more important and your agent should have a social media presence in Nutley when selling a home.


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