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3 Ways A Discount Broker Can Reduce Your Homes Value

(Published on - 4/2/2021 5:29:09 PM)

3 Ways A Discount Broker Can Reduce Your Homes Value

3 Ways A Discount Broker Can Reduce Your Homes Value


#1 Bad Photography & Video

Lets face it in today's online world photography & video are very important, and most discount brokers will skimp on those items in order to get your listing but they won't represent your property or show off it's unique character if you do not have the right angles or lighting and first impressions mean everthing with today's home buyers.


#2 Exposure

Getting your home listed in the right places online could mean the difference in commading a higher sold price, usually this is another area where discount brokers also cut budget in order to list a property at a lower commission, The Name of the game is "EXPOSURE" and get as many people as you can to see your home.


#3 Not Properly Vetting A Buyer

Many times discount brokers just want to take the quickest and fastest offer to stop spending money on any marketing so they will accept the first offer and convince the home seller to take less without even knowing if the buyer is fully qualified to buy the home by not vetting the buyer and causing the contract to fall apart 2 months own the road and your home winds up back on the market as a stale listing.


The old saying you get what you pay for does apply to the real estate industry and especially now in a market where home values are at their highest, there is a lot at stake when selling someones biggest asset and it does matter who you work with.





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