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Moving To Nutley NJ? Several Reasons Why You Should

(Published on - 2/20/2020 4:16:43 PM)

Moving to Nutley NJ? A Complete Guide to Nutley, NJ

Why the heck should anyone be moving to Nutley NJ?



If you or someone you know are considering moving to Nutley NJ anytime soon, make sure you read this article first! You want to know what you’re getting yourself into, right? Is moving to Nutley really for you? I’ll do my best to temper my strong pro-NutleyNJ bias and just stick to the facts.  Also be sure to check out the affordability of Nutley NJ Homes. You’ll see that compared to most other major cities, buying a home in Nutley is still affordable especially with today's super low interest rates.

reasons to move to nutley nj

Moving to Nutley NJ? Unless you have spent a fair amount of time in Nutley, you have probably fallen victim to at least one of the many misconceptions about the good people of Nutley NJ. For example, we do not all drive caddies! Well, most of us anyways (wink wink). Are you kidding me? For-Ge-Da-Bout-It! Get the hell out of here with that! Fellas, you know what I’m talking about.

All joking aside, you’ll love moving to Nutley. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful town, with so much to do and so many great people. If you still need some convincing, you’re in the right place. I did my best to narrow it down to the top reasons why you’ll love moving to Nutley NJ. I have been living in Nutley my entire life, and I’m not going anywhere. Living in Nutley just keeps getting better and better. I’m certainly a VERY outspoken proponent of moving to Nutley.


Semi-Boring Facts about Nutley:


Economy in Zip 07110 (Nutley, NJ)

Nutley (zip 07110) has an unemployment rate of 3.9%. The US average is 3.9%.

Nutley (zip 07110) has seen the job market decrease by -0.7% over the last year. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 22.5%, which is lower than the US average of 33.5%.

Tax Rates for Nutley (zip 07110)
- The Sales Tax Rate for Nutley (zip 07110) is 6.6%. The US average is 7.3%.
- The Income Tax Rate for Nutley (zip 07110) is 5.5%. The US average is 4.6%.

Income and Salaries for Nutley (zip 07110)
- The average income of a Nutley (zip 07110) resident is $40,653 a year. The US average is $28,555 a year.
- The Median household income of a Nutley (zip 07110) resident is $85,035 a year. The US average is $53,482 a year.


1.) Nutley Has Some Amazing Parks

Nutley Has An Amazing Park System

Those of us who grew up in Nutley have taken the beauty of the Parks and our city for granted. I still wake up each morning and love walking in the park because I know I’m going to see a truly amazing & colorful scenery. Where else can you have clean safe parks minutes from your door steps. Move to Nutley NJ and you can enjoy it too! You have an awesome park from every door ste in Nutley NJ; a view that people travel long distances to see.

When you combine our great parks with a warm summer day, you’ll quickly notice a major reason why so many people are moving to Nutley NJ. From early morning sunrises so colorful and amazing that you your day begins with joy and gratitude, to the late afternoon sunsets so powerful that people young and old can’t help but post it on their Instagram or Snapchat. I mean it, it’s crazy. Every time we have one of those extra special evenings in the Parks (which is most of them) your news feed will be plastered with everyone’s park pics. It’s funny, but also it’s a testament to the natural beauty that we take for granted here in Nutley… and a reason why YOU should consider moving to Nutley. Seriously though, all the NYC Commuters are moving to Nutley these days.



2. Nutley is close to all the job centers

nutley is close to NYC

NYC commuters love Nutley NJ, whether you work in New York City or Newark NJ, Nutley is a great commuter town to be in, you can find a great home and great school system, shoping etc, all located within a 3 mile range in Nutley NJ. The new Hackensack Medical School has also just opened in Nutley located at the former ROCHE campus, several other companies are moving into the complex as well. The New York Times wrote a great article about Nutley NJ, Nutley NJ: A Place to Land and Stay.

Nutley “wasn’t even on our radar,” said Ms. Santillo-Ortiz, 44, a television lighting director. But after buying their 1924 center-hall colonial for about $315,000 in late 2013, they were certain of their choice. “As we were moving in, one neighbor came over with champagne and another with baked goods,” she said. “I felt like I was in a movie.”

Nutley is also close to all major highways, Rt 3 and the Garden State Parkway as well as Rt 46 and and Route 21 that heads right to downtown Newark New Jersey.



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