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Selling Older Homes in Nutley New Jersey

(Published on - 9/16/2019 7:56:09 PM)

How We Sell Older Homes in Nutley NJ

Selling Older Homes in Nutley NJThis is 5 Enclosure We Sold This Home in 45 Days!


23 Cottage in Nutley

This was 23 Cottage We Also Sold This Home in Nutley


179 Centre St

170 Centre St We Also Sold This Home in Nutley


15 Catherdal Ave

15 Cathedral Ave Was Sold in Record Time 4 Days!!!


This is just an example of some of the homes we sold in Nutley that were over 100 Years Old, Nutley is a great old town with many homes that were buit at the turn of the century and it tales some special effort and marketing to find a buyer for these grand homes in Nutley.


The first thing I do is to make sure we have Great Photography, We have the photos shot from all angles and then we bring them back to our creative department and retouch all of them to get the best expsoure and highlight these gorgeous old homes in Nutley.


And then we have a video crew come in to shoot video that gives the viewers a sense of what the home feels like when you are inside, we highlight all the features and areas, You can see an example below, this is 400 Passaic Ave we are currently marketing this property.



The next thing we do is shoot an interactive 3D tour that buyers can interact with, depending on the size of the home this shoot may take several hours to produce but we believe it is well worth it see an example below of the walkthrough we produced for 5 Enclosure in Nutley NJ.



Once we have all our photography and video shot, the next step would be to write up an article and content and deploy it across all or social media channels and here they are below:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • SnapChat
  • TikTok
  • Linked In
  • Luxury Home Report)
  • Twitter
  • NutleyRex
  • Craigslist Campaigns
  • Our Network of Over 956 Other Websites
  • VLS Homes (All Local Portals)


And Market it to our database of over 5000 Buyers in the Tri-state Areas as well, Open Houses Several Per Month, AND THIS IS DONE DAILY! NOT JUST ONCE!


We are a Tech Driven Real Estate Firm, We Basically Are a Digital Marketing Company That Happens To Sell Real Estate, Watch My Interview Below And Listen To How Me and My Office Works.




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