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You Want It Sold, Without The Hassle In The Least Amount Of Time

(Published on - 12/8/2020 1:13:19 PM)

What's Important To Couples That Are Divorcing These Days?

Well let's just say I have been down this road myself and sometimes it can be a very bumpy road to travel down sometimes.

Divorce and Home Owners in Nutley NJ

I would say that sellling the home as quick as possible when couples are divorcing is more important than the actual sale price sometimes, but it all depends if its a 2 bedroom condo in clifton and people really just want to move on then there may not be much of an issue.


But when it's a 4 million dollar home in Franklin Lakes NJ, well that can be a whole different enagagement and process, in divorce the larger the value of a home the more difficult the process may be, unless you have a couple that is reasonable and not working totally out of emotion which is rare.


As a Broker that has been doing this for 20 plus years I can tell you that Residential Real Estate is 99% emotional and sometimes in situations like a highely contested divorce you need to have a massive amount of empathy & patience, believe me I went through it myself and I understand how it all works.


The main thing is your team, your Realtor and the two attorneys that will most likely be involved must have a good working relationship, and many times the attorneys are so emotionally removed they ust look at the numbers, as the agent you have to balance the numbers and emotion and remember you are representing both partners in the splitting marriage.


Not all Real Estate agents are cut out for this type of sale or process, but I would be happy to speak to you if you are ending your marriage and need to consult as how handle the sale of your Marital home I can be reached at 862-228-055 or email me at



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