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Selling Your Home in Nutley New Jersey

(Published on - 7/8/2020 12:13:33 AM)

Selling My House In Nutley NJ For The Most Money, What Is The Best Way?

There are a lot of ways to sell your home in Nutley NJ,  but what is the best option?

Sell My House in Nutley


Let's look at some of the different ways you can sell your home in Nutley, also other towns like Belleville & Clifton New Jersey also apply here, here are a couple of options for home owners and what they can do.

Well for one you can buy a for sale sign put it on your lawn (but check with Nutley township to see if you need a permit first) and then sit and wait for a buyer to drive buy, or you can actually go and post it also on craigslist, but then you are going to get a million calls from agents looking to list your home and they will call all hours of the night and day as well, does not sound like a great option does it? oh we call this FIZBO in the business.


Sell My House in Nutley

You can also find a transaction broker, you pay then a flat fee and they put the home in the mls, One Photo and bam your for sale right! Not so fast, that is all you get, no marketing, no open house, no representation and your still going to pay at least another 2.5% if you want to find a selling/buyer broker, but you are going to be doing the negotiating as well, it's like going to court and being your own lawyer and you know what they say about that right.

Or you can find a very eager, willing and able agent to discount their commission and let them handle it, even better right? WRONG!!! remember you get what you pay for, this type of agent may do you more damage than selling it on your own, possibly representing your home in a bad way where you are never going to be able to sell it! Especially in a town like Nutley where everyone talks!  REMEMBER YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!


For Sale in Nutley NJ


Or you can do what the smart people of the world do, find a professional "In Nutley" that is going to run comps for you and tell you exactly what your home is most likely going to sell for in Nutley,  using professional photos and video and copy to entice home buyers and put your home in the best light possible, remember we need to look better than our competition out there, and the marketing should not only include the MLS but also a social and digital marketing strategy as well, this is the best way to not only get you more money for your home, but also sell your home faster in today's marketplace.




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