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Where is the Real Estate Market Headed in the NYC Area,

(Published on - 2/1/2021 6:10:10 PM)

I have really given this a lot of thought over the past year, what is our business environment going to look like?, not only from a real estate perspective but also just a business environment after covid.


I think the world was headed for a more virtual type work place anyhow but I think the adaptation was tracking at a slower rate, I do think Covid excelerated that quickly and working from home has now become more mainstream.
As far a real estate it seems as though home owners are chersishing thier homes more than ever and even larger ones even more so, now it has become a home has become center of everything for most people, shelter, entertainment, vacationing, work and education, makes you think one day we will be using holograms and virtual vacations to go on vacation, that’s a little far out but will happen.
Unfortunately commercial real estate is undergoing a drastic change, the big cities are going to suffer for a long time as high commercial tenants realize they don’t need these large spaces any longer, companies won’t car where you live as long as you can log in a zoom call, this business landscape is definitely changing, now that does not mean it’s all bad, there will be plenty of opportunity but I do believe we are in for massive change in every industry.

I ask the question, will the proximity of NYC in the near future actually matter and impact homes values in the next 10 years? I for would would love to be sitting in Arizona poolside showing homes with a listing robot ?? lol ??



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