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What Home Sellers Want in Nutley NJ

(Published on - 8/2/2020 3:43:22 PM)

As a Broker/Owner of one of the Fastest Growing Real Estate Offices in Nutley NJ, I see how attitudes and expectations of Home Owners have changed, not only within  the last 10 years but within the last 5 years.

First, consumers are a lot smarter these days and they see through sites like Zillow & Trulia and they really want professional representation when selling their biggest asset that they have, their home, and  in todays market you need to be hire a Pro.

I think the #1 thing a home seller looks for is "Local Market Knowledge, they want to know for sure the agent they choose to sell their home knows the value of their home and they know the area of town well enough to represent that home.

The #2 thing is, how will they market their home, now a days you have to be Tech-Savvy in order to use Social Media & other forms of digital marketing to garner the eye balls of today's consumer, any company that does not understand digital marketing & creative in any industry has a n uphill battle, reputation and referrals can only take you so far and professional photography and video is a must.

I believe #3 would be "Brand" are you a solid brand? do you have a good track record in the community, are you pushy? or are you a knowledge broker? all these I do believe matter.

I still see people that just want to give someone a listing because it's their mother or brother o sister or whatever, but in today's market that can hurt you if they do not know what they are doing, as I always say "Sell the story not the home" today people don't want to be sold, they want to be served.

That is the difference.

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