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Don't Let Your Home Become An Expired, Use a A Local Broker

(Published on - 1/21/2020 1:50:59 PM)

Don't Let Your Home Become An Expired, Use a A Local Broker

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Sure there are plenty of tools out there where you can search for homes in Nutley, Belleville & Clifton but nothing, I mean nothing can give you the local knowledge of an area as much as actually walking it, and spending time in the town or
location like a "Local Real Estate Agent" .


Everyday I go through the hot sheets on the MLS for Nutley,  Belleville & Clifton and a majority of the expired homes that should have been sold wind up becoming expired listings.

That hurts not only the town but also the home  sellers, because they decided to list their home with a brokerage that's located outside the area, and there are two main reasons for this.


1. Logistically it's
hard for that agent to get to town especially if they are an hour away,  let's say that agent gets a call from a buyer at 8:30am on a Sunday morning and that client "Needs" to see the home at 9am and the listing agent is an hour away, very simple they are not going to, now you missed
a possible buyer, it's that simple.


2. Lacking Local knowledge of the area,
outside agents don't know the process of selling a home in the area for one, or the different sections of town, the flood zones etc., yes we have data online and that is great for getting some buyer clients, but selling a home and attracting the right types of clients is a whole
different marketing strategy, especially if your an agent that sells  home in higher priced areas Like Hoboken & Jersey City,they are going to try and sell them homes that sell for a higher price first before you bring them to an area where homes are priced lower.


Most agents are taught to get listings no matter what, and that's ok when you are starting, but if your selling a home in Nutley etc. do you really want someone who just got their license handling that task, your larges asset you own? Think about that for a moment.


If you have any questions about selling a home in Nutley, Belleville or Clifton Please feel free to call or email me:


Matthew De Fede

Broker/Owner of Realty Executives Elite Homes




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