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Broker/Owner Raye Mayhorn Receives Exclusive Luxury Training

Raye Mayhorn, Broker/Owner of Realty Executives of Killeen, recently completed the Luxury Livestream training offered by The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, the premier source for training and certification of real estate professionals working in high-end markets.

The training builds expertise and skills to serve affluent clients in local markets and abroad. With her completion, Mayhorn has become an exclusive member of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, giving her access to resources and a large network of professionals, helping her find qualified buyers and potential luxury listings in Killeen. 

“The luxury market provides new opportunities for realtors looking to expand their existing real estate business- but they must prepare if they want to be successful.” Alysia Heun, Vice President of Realty Executives International, said. “Our collaboration with The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing has allowed our Executives to access world-class training and resources that thoroughly prepare them to serve luxury clientele. Raye is a wonderful example to show that fantastic realtors never stop learning, and that client service is the number one priority.”

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55 Years of Realty Executives and Beyond

As we celebrate our roots and future successes, we take a look back at the history of Realty Executives and the significant times that changed our course and helped us get to where we are today.

Founded in 1965, Realty Executives is one of the largest and most established real estate franchisors in the industry. With over 500 offices and 8,000 agents, it is the only brand that is named after its people- the Executives. 

1965: Dale Rector launches Realty Executives in Phoenix, AZ and creates the first ever 100% concept in real estate

Dale Rector, founder of Realty Executives and creator of the first 100 percent commission concept, had a vision unlike any other. He wanted to create a company that put people first, the agents and brokers that built the brand, not the corporate office. He saw a pattern of high commission splits and low profits for agents that he knew was not the way business should be. He set out to make a change. Fifty five years later, Realty Executives continues to innovate, thrive and adapt to the market, with Dale’s vision in the forefront. Realty Executives started as an industry disruptor, became an industry leader, and continues the legacy of the most professional and productive agents serving home buyers and sellers throughout the world.

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Money Moves to Make After Buying Your First Home

So you just signed the final paperwork and closed on your very first home. Congratulations are in order as this is a huge milestone to achieve in your life! Now that the stress of house hunting, negotiating and providing documentation has come to an end, it is time to take a sigh of relief knowing that you are now a homeowner. While it might be tempting to dive right into picking out paint colors, furniture, decor and personalizations that will make your new house feel like a home, it is important to make some responsible financial preparations first.

Make higher payments

Many first-time home buyers have loans with PMI (private mortgage insurance) included in their monthly payment. PMI is usually issued by the bank on a mortgage where the down payment is less than 20%. PMI is an additional payment or insurance that the bank collects to protect itself from a potential default on the loan. Typically a 20% down payment is required to secure the property as an asset for the bank in the event of a foreclosure. Depending on your type of mortgage, PMI will come off of the monthly payment once you have hit the 20% equity milestone. 

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How to Handle Client Objections During Social Distancing

As agents and brokers try to make sense of the new normal with social distancing regulation in place, customers will increasingly look to you for solutions and support as they navigate the possibilities of buying and selling a home. 

3D scans and video walkthroughs, virtual staging and video emails, social content and, most of all, lots of clear communication are just a few of the ways you can help your clients find home as we ride out these turbulent times together. 

If you’re a real estate agent suddenly tasked with the challenge of transforming a high-touch business into a fully remote, digital operation, here are six ways to make it work.

Objection: “I’m too nervous to buy a house right now.”


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How to Turn Your Extra Property Into an AirBnB Success

Everyone is looking to make some extra money these days. If you have a rental property at your disposal, why not turn it into a VIP Airbnb and make some extra cash? 

Airbnb’s are becoming extremely popular places to stay for travelers. They offer a homier experience than a hotel, where renters usually have access to not only a room to sleep in but to a living room and kitchen. Airbnb’s can also accommodate larger groups of friends traveling together at a fraction of the price of hotels. And with it being so easy to find a deal on a great Airbnb, it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing to book an Airbnb over a traditional hotel.

Getting set up is easy. Start at 

Begin by answering a few basic questions about your property listing. You can list it as a house, apartment, bed and breakfast and more. Airbnb allows you to post your listing free of charge. 

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How Coronavirus is Impacting the U.S. Housing Market

The beginning of 2020 debuted with news of a pandemic threatening the world’s population. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to unfold, economic activity is being slowed down while uncertainty looms over many sectors. The real estate market is one of the areas not immune to the crisis, facing new challenges as the situation evolves. 

At the beginning of the year, the real estate industry was off to a good start, despite limited inventory and affordability issues. Low interest rates fueled both existing home sales and new home sales in January, marking the second month of year-over-year increased activity.

However, the coronavirus hit just in time for the spring season which was supposed to be the peak time for house hunting and selling. In the midst of the crisis, there may be some reluctance to buy or sell until the crisis is contained, but as of now the real estate business is still running and people’s need to move has not entirely changed.

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Realty Executives Edge Executives Honored by Southeast Missouri REALTORS®

Four Executives of Realty Executives Edge (formerly Realty Executives of Cape County), of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, were recently honored by Southeast Missouri REALTORS® at the annual installation and award luncheon.  Executives Lois Long, Raelenna Ferguson, Becky Buehler and Bill Cole were among the award recipients.

Southeast Missouri REALTORS® is a local trade association that provides its members with opportunities for collaboration and cooperation in order to educate, promote growth, protect the rights of property owners, and support economic expansion in Southeast Missouri.  With over 300 REALTORS® and more than 70 affiliated businesses, the association serves Cape Girardeau, Bollinger, Scott, and Perry counties.

Lois Long was awarded REALTOR® of the Year.  This award is given to a member of the association who best lives up the REALTOR® mission statement and is active in community service or volunteer work.  Long joined Realty Executives in 2012.

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Realty Executives Saskatoon Named #1 Brokerage

First Time in Company’s 43 Years

Realty Executives Saskatoon, located in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada, has achieved the #1 brokerage status in their area for the first time in the company’s 43 year history. This honor is earned based on sales volume and percentage of market share in the Saskatoon area.

The Realty Executives brokerage reported a sales volume of $672,808,879,and a market share of 21.62 percent for Saskatoon and area. Broker/Owner Wayne Zuk, is excited to accomplish a goal that has been a long time in the making. Realty Executives Saskatoon has been a part of the Realty Executives International franchise since 1995.

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DIY Home Staging Tips

In the real estate marketplace, the cost of owning a house is quite high. So, not a surprise when you wish to gain a profit once you decide to resell. However, this wish could be a costly one, as it would involve some renovations here and there. This process of renovation and cleaning is called home staging.

Home staging involves the preparation of a private residence for sale in real estate markets. The whole concept aims at creating a more appealing impression to potential buyers; thereby selling the house more swiftly and at an increased price. 

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Holiday Dishes That are Safe for Your Dog

With the holidays just around the corner, so much time and effort goes into preparing a wonderful feast for your guests, from the appetizers right through to the desserts. 

But what about your faithful furry friend? Your dog has a great sense of smell and all of the wonderful scents that waft through the air during this period will be like heaven to your pooch if they know they’ll be getting some of the leftovers. 

However, while some foods make great pet names, not all food is safe for your dog to eat; do you know which foods are safe for your dog, and which aren’t?

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