How to Get Rid of Large Items in Your Home

Whether you are refurbishing your home or moving to a new house, knowing how to get rid of large items in your house and unwanted furniture is a real challenge. A damaged car, unwanted furniture, and other large items in the house require a good process. In this list, we have indicated some tips that could help you get rid of old items to create space for newer decor in your house.

1. Find out if your waste removal services company would take old large items

Find out if the local trash removal company will take large items. There is a need to do this since most of the time they don’t. You might be lucky and they will pick up all your large items, but you have to let them know ahead of time. You can get this information on their website, but, you may need to call them so that you can make an accurate decision. You don’t want to drag your old couch to the curb only to have it ignored by the trash collectors; hence, forcing you to drag it back to the basement or garage. Your location also plays a major role in determining whether your waste management company will accept your old large items. At some point, you may have to call and organize for the haul, but remember that could cost you a few bucks.

2. If you are replacing, see if the old item could be hauled away

If you ordered new furniture and modern home appliances, the company you bought from might get rid the old items for you at no cost. However, you need to find this out with them in advance. Usually, they do this for large appliances such as laundry machines, refrigerators, and so on. You can get the right information by checking out the website of the company. Better yet, you can call and confirm what they do with the old stuff once they have delivered the newer ones. Though this might not be the case with most furniture delivery companies, you can make an arrangement with them even at a small cost. The only reason they might consider your offer is so that they can create space for the new items, but still, some companies might want you to create space before they deliver so that they can just come and place the items efficiently.

3. List your old item online

You can list your old items on Craigslist or similar platforms to have them taken off your hands. If you want to get rid of them as soon as possible, you can list the price as free so that someone comes for them right away. Most individuals with a scrap yard like to take such items and sell them cheaply, which means you will have created a business for them. However, even if listing items on Craigslist works, you might still find people who show interest but never show up to pick up the items. Therefore, be sure to have a close conversation with the people who show an interest.

4. Place it on the curb with “free” sign

This is the classic move employed by urban dwellers everywhere. If you drag your items to the curb, and you are unsure if the trash collectors will take them, just put a “free” sign on it. When you do this, your item will be gone by the time you are back in the house. Also, you should know that this method can only work in specific scenarios. You can only employ this trick with modern size items which are ready to move. These could be chairs, small tables, small dishwashers, and so on. If you have anything bigger than that, people driving by can not just stop to pick the item and throw it in their vehicle. Also, you may want to put the item in a high traffic area to increase the chances of the item being picked by someone.

5. Donate it so that it’s picked for free

If your items are still in decent condition, you can donate it to companies that sell used products. Before you consider this option, you need to confirm that the products you are pawning off are in working condition and not too worn-out.

Getting rid of old items might seem like a hard thing to do, but with the right information, you can always employ the proper procedure. If you are moving to a new location, you can talk to the moving company so that they can store some items that you will not need in your new home at a fee. You can donate to increase the chances of your items being accepted. Still, you can find scrap yards to drop your items after informing the person in charge. There are plenty of options for homeowners.

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