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Say Goodbye to Impractical Design

Fabric samples and blueprints for updating impractical design.

It’s fair to say that style is subjective, and interior design is no exception. While some designs may be a certifiable failure from the get-go, other designs simply age out. Wondering if there are any old interior design fails lurking about your house? Here are a few trends worth tossing in the new year.

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Granny Chic Design

a granny chic designed living room
Granny chic combines the new and old by throwing out the rules when it comes to blending colors and patterns.

If you’ve scrolled through Pinterest lately, chances are you’ve seen pins for granny chic design. Sometimes referred to as grandmillennial style, granny chic design combines traditional American interiors with modern touches. Think of it as grandma’s house on steroids where excess is everything. Here’s how to bring together new and old for a grandmillennial win.

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