Say Goodbye to Impractical Design

Fabric samples and blueprints for updating impractical design.

It’s fair to say that style is subjective, and interior design is no exception. While some designs may be a certifiable failure from the get-go, other designs simply age out. Wondering if there are any old interior design fails lurking about your house? Here are a few trends worth tossing in the new year.

Dangerous Staircases

Staircases without banisters may look cool or modern- depending on your tastes. Even so, there’s no reason to sacrifice safety in the name of design. These guys are a definite no-go for families with kids or pets. Come to think of it, they’re a risky option for anyone. Leave the stunts to qualified professionals and get back to safe stairs. With all the rail and bannister options to choose from, safety doesn’t have to be sacrificed for style!

Irregular Doors

There are many types of doors and reasons for design variation. While sliding doors may be perfect for patios and folding doors convenient for closets, other designs aren’t quite as clever. Have you ever seen an ad hoc attic door? How about one too small for its frame or? A rectangular door may seem simple though custom sizes make them difficult to replace. Here’s to more deliberate door sizes, thoughtfully planned interiors, and less impractical design.

Glass Tables

As materials go, glass can’t be beat. Its clean yet timeless aesthetic can be found everywhere from wall tiles to light fixtures. One design worth scrapping is glass tabletops for regular dining. Is there anything to be gained from a full-leg view just in time for dinner? With that in mind, it’s time to retire transparent tables in favor of something more sensible.

White Carpeting

White carpets may seem innocent enough and admittedly, they’d be fine in a perfect world. The problem comes in when real life sets in. White carpet doesn’t stand a chance against juice stains, dirty shoes, or other color contamination. As beautiful as it may be, this impractical design wasn’t meant to last. That’s why white carpeting is on its way out as a design trend.

Mirrored Bathroom Furniture

“Mirror, mirror on the wall: what’s the worst fail of all?” Answers may vary though mirrored bathroom furniture is certainly a contender. Why run the risk of seeing yourself from unflattering angles? Life is hard enough as it is. Between the extra cleaning and risk of unsightly glimpses, this is one interior design trend worth flushing.

Narrow Stairwells

One common design mantra is form follows function. In other words, a narrow staircase is designed that way to accommodate a small space like a ship galley or tiny house design. What’s less than great is a normal space with narrow stairs for no apparent reason. While this design is less egregious than others, it’s still annoying and unnecessary. Here’s to normal stairs in normal spaces and plenty of room to move.

Round Beds

Everyone can agree on a comfortable bed though a round one is harder to justify. What’s the appeal? This impractical design takes up more space, creates awkward living space, and requires custom sheets. Maybe the extra space is appreciated but why not go for a king? Let’s face it: it’s not the ’80s and your home doesn’t double as a movie set. You’re better off kicking this novelty act to the curb. Next!

Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper has seen many iterations in its day, including a few phases worth skipping (if you aren’t familiar with this look, there’s probably a good reason for it!). A single strip of wallpaper looks random and haphazard on an otherwise solid wall. Think of it as the super-short bangs phase of unfortunate interiors. Skip the wallpaper strip so your eye can enjoy the full height of the room.

A Sea of Beige

Interior design trends come and go like waves on the beach. While ’90s and 2000’s design may have 100 shades of beige, that aesthetic has since expired. It’s not that beige is entirely taboo- moderation is important. Take this outdated aversion to color and send it on its way; interior design has more exciting colors and textures to offer these days!

Enormous Bathrooms

Design has shifted considerably over the past 20 years including a trend towards smaller spaces. With it comes the knowledge that giant bathrooms aren’t as impressive or useful as we’d once hoped. Why are there so many tiles to clean? What’s the point of an empty space big enough to fit a closet? The world may never know. Fortunately, we’ve since come to our senses and welcomed normal (yet beautiful!) bathrooms with open arms. In the meantime, this is one impractical design trend worth forgetting.

Fake Balconies

There are many benefits of a real balcony, especially in condos or apartments. Not everyone has their own backyard, so balconies can provide the coveted outdoor retreat. While the real thing provides enough room for a chair and some greenery, fake balconies do no such thing. In fact, they’re nothing more than a glorified window with a disappointing faux feature. If you’re going to install a balcony, invest in one that you can enjoy for years to come.

Final Thoughts

Interior design is constantly evolving, so there’s hope for the future. Our experimentation with all things creative leaves room for a few blunders along with great successes. Luckily, (almost) nothing lasts forever where design is concerned. Here’s to brighter days and beautiful interiors ahead.

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