Best Ways to Stay Connected to Your Referrals

After a successful sale, it’s always a good idea to keep in contact with that client. But when is the best time to follow-up and when does your outreach become too much or not enough? Real estate agents grow a large portion of their business from existing clients giving referrals, whether it’s a friend telling a friend or a client posting your name on social media next to their new home. It can be tricky, but here are a few tips on how you can keep in contact with your referral network without becoming a pushy salesperson.

Keep it relevant

No one likes letters, postcards or emails that are not going to help or inform them in any way. Don’t just send something to get your name in front of them, send material that the consumer will open and use. Price updates, housing trends or holiday greetings are all examples of emails or mailings that your client can appreciate and/or find useful.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are just a few social media platforms that are a great way to remind your referrals about your business without having to directly message them. You can share content about the real estate industry, tips and tricks to selling a home or your current listings. These topics keep you on brand but also encourage engagement from your clients to like, share or comment. You can share parts of your personal life to social media but remember to keep it simple. Business accomplishments, business announcements or family celebrations are great things to share that let your clients get to know you a bit more without being intrusive.


Client appreciation events or just a small get-together to say thank you to your clients is a great way to stay in touch. This puts the control in the consumer’s hands, but also shows you care enough to invite them to a special event. These functions are also a great way to network and discuss potential business with those who are able to make it.

Be Unique

All agents want to be remembered by their customers, but not all succeed. Make sure your follow-up is unique to your brand and business. Make it personal to each client and not a generic message you send out every year. You can also do small gifts as a thank you for their business. If they have a dog, send dog treats with their thank you card! People appreciate the effort and are more likely to remember something that was personalized to their family or buying/selling experience, than a card that they’ve seen a thousand times.

Write it, don’t type it

The art of a handwritten note goes a long way. When sending “Thank You” or “Just Sold” cards, consider writing it by hand. This gives a personal touch to any mailing and shows that you took the extra time for that client. If you’re worried about your messy writing, don’t worry, most of us have that problem! In that case, just write the sign-off by hand and include the body of the message as text.

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