How to Lead Your Real Estate Team to Success

As a leader of a real estate team, you are likely always trying to find new ways to inspire growth and motivation in your agents. But often it can be difficult to figure out how to do so. Whether your team is large or small, you are new or experienced in your leadership role, there are plenty of ways you can lead your team to be as successful as they can be. Here are some tips for how you can use your leadership position to drive your real estate team to success.

Encourage your team to play to their strengths

Everyone on your team has their own strengths and qualities that make them great at what they do. As a leader, you should encourage your real estate team to figure out where their strengths lie and play to them. We often find success when we play to what we are most skilled at. But it’s just as important to recognize our weaknesses and reach out when we need to. Asking for help when we need it is a sign of strength, so encourage your team to use their strengths to help each other and ask for your help from their fellow team members and from their manager as much as necessary. There is never shame in showing both our strengths and weaknesses.

Always strive to deepen your knowledge of the real estate industry

A great leader always tries to gain more knowledge and share their knowledge with their team, and every member of the team should always keep learning. Read real estate blogs, keep up with trends, research the market, and strive to deepen your knowledge of industry best practices every chance you get. Also, let your team know that being a knowledgeable resource for clients and each other is part of their job, and you should lead by example by continuing to learn yourself. Try implementing a “What I learned this week” segment into your team meetings and check-ins.

Inspire motivation

The more motivated you are, the easier it will be for you to inspire motivation in your team. So before you can motivate others, you need to figure out what motivates you as a leader. Are you motivated by finance, success, happy clients, or all of the above? Once you learn what drives you, you can have both one-on-one and group conversations about what keeps each other motivated. Exchange motivation tips with your team and continue to lift each other up whether you need the motivation or not. Chances are, more than one person on your real estate team could use the pick-me-up.

Share your commitment

Finally, you should make sure your team knows how committed you are to the team’s success. If you want your team to be committed to their roles, you need to show your commitment as well. Make an effort to show your agents how committed you are to the success of the team and the happiness of your clients. It is not only in your words but in your actions that your team will see how much you care about the business, team, and clientele. In doing so, your team will be inspired to share that same commitment, as well.

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