Color Trends for Summer 2022

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Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start decorating your home in colors that help bring feel-good energy indoors. We’ve rounded up all the color trends you need to know for this season. Feel free to mix complementing colors together or choose the one that best fits in with your established home décor. Incorporating these fun colors can lead to a bright and cheery atmosphere without ever having to leave home!

1. Very Peri

Very Peri, the pantone color of 2022.

Number one must go to the Pantone color of the year, Very Peri. This fun shade is a beautiful cross between blue and purple and, while versatile for every season, can be a great cool touch to balance warm days. The color itself is said to encourage personal inventiveness and creativity, and what better way to make it through mid-summer slumps and long warm days than to have this color around the home to inspire you to keep moving? While Very Peri doesn’t need to coat your walls, it can certainly make for a great accent piece, such as a centerpiece vase for flowers on a kitchen island or living room table. Pillows with a fun print, including the Very Peri shade, can also be a great touch for bringing color into the home without being overwhelming!

2. Deep Greens

Deep green.

Green is a versatile color that can play a role in any home year-round. Whether it be in the form of permanent fixtures such as cabinets and lamp shades or with rotating floral arrangements featuring eucalyptus leaves and other house plants, green adds life to a home. Lucky for you, there are plenty of greens that can fit in with your needs, all in varying depths and shades. However, this summer, it seems deeper greens are the rage. It is said that darker greens bring feelings of wealth and ambition while olives can bring feelings of peace. On the other hand, lighter shades can bring a feeling of playfulness and youth. If you’re a seasoned homeowner and looking to add a touch of luxuriousness to your home, a darker green can help symbolize maturity and promote feelings of improvement.

3. Lilac

Lilac, a suggested summer color trend.

While fashion week usually happens in spring, the colors can help dictate what will be “in” throughout the rest of the year. Two colors are making the rounds this year: a very subtle lilac and a bold yellow, Canary, or Butter (you can find more on them below). Lilac is a very soft, feminine shade derived from the flower with similar traits. Often defined as pastel and used as the main player for “aesthetics,” lilac can make for a great addition to your home this summer. Pairing it with another fun color can make for an eye-catching product, but lilac can be a star all on its own. In places where you have primary neutral colors, such as a kitchen or office space, consider adding a pop of color with a lilac-themed painting or candles and flowers with the hues.

4. Bold Yellows

A bright yellow color that helps bring light indoors.

As mentioned above, bold yellows come with a vibrancy that is perfect for summertime. Both Popcorn and Canary have grown popular this year, a shift from soft yellows that were previously in season. Where a spring palette might feature a soft shade of yellow, the dark summer shades mimic the brightness and electricity of long warm days and bright sunshine. These bold yellows can be incorporated throughout the home to bring a pop of light or may be perfect for the exterior of your home to boost curb appeal and set you apart. Consider adding beautiful border flowers, luscious tulips, or sunflowers to help elevate your landscape and create a show-stopping look.

5. Fuchsia

Fuchsia, a bright pink option for indoors or outdoors.

Another pop of color derived from flowers, fuchsia, is enjoying its time in the spotlight this summer! While a beautiful color, it is certainly not for the weak and demands attention with its vibrancy and uniqueness. While this color may not fit into just any home’s décor, it can be a gamechanger. Much like other colors on this list, fuchsia can also be a great addition to your exterior, made easy with the beautiful flowering and sprawling plant of the same name. Fuchsia plants also make for perfect hanging baskets on your porch, which can bring a much-needed burst of color and fragrance up close to your door. If you’re hoping to add fuchsia to your interior design, try not to overdo it by finding complementing colors to help ground the brightness, such as yellows, white, black, or even brighter but subtler options like lime green and mint.  

Get those creative juices flowing and try your hand at a little interior design! Hopefully these summer color suggestions get you excited for the joyful season ahead!

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