Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

Want a dog but worried they might not be happy in an apartment setting? No worries, there are plenty of dog breeds that thrive, living in close proximity to their human. When you look for the best breed to live with you in an apartment, there are a few things to consider. Not all small dogs make great apartment dogs, and not all large dogs are terrible apartment dogs!

You need to consider their energy levels, how much they bark (your neighbors won’t thank you for getting a loud dog in a smaller complex) and how much exercise they need. 

Here are ten of the best suited apartment dogs to keep you company in your small space. 


Also known as sausage dogs, Dachshunds make perfect apartment dogs. As the smallest of the hound dogs, these very lively and cute dogs don’t need much space to feel comfortable as they will spend most of their time on your lap! They only have short legs which means they don’t need much exercise and will be happy spending most of their time in the comfort of the indoors. 

Bichon Frise

This extremely cute looking teddy bear dog only grows up to a maximum of one foot tall! They’re not known for barking, which is another great trait for a dog that will grow up in an apartment or condo. They’re easy to train and love to play, making them a fantastic companion in any small living space. 

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs love to be around their owners constantly, so living in an apartment is the perfect choice for them. They don’t need a lot of space and are quite low maintenance dogs. They don’t require a huge amount of exercise and they are one of the most loyal and loving breeds in the dog world. 


Pomeranians aren’t overly dependent breeds which make them a great choice for older people who live in apartments. They are happy to be active indoors, and don’t need a back garden, although they will need walking outdoors a couple of times a day. They are sometimes known for their barking, if this isn’t stopped at a young age.


The Basenji is a very sweet African dog who is well suited to apartment living because they aren’t big barkers, they don’t shed much and are quite small. They do however, need quite a lot of exercise, so they are only suited to people who have access to parks or walks nearby.


Pugs have relatively low exercise requirements and have a very easy going nature which means they’re perfect for living in a small space. They will be content spending the majority of their time napping and snuggling with their owner. 


This silky white dog breed is quite a low energy breed and only needs a twenty to thirty minute walk each day. He is a little bit of a barker, so you’ll need to be prepared to train them or put up with a little bit of noise!

Yorkshire Terrier 

Yorkies make excellent apartment dogs. They are small, standing at only six or seven inches, and they need lots of attention and someone who will dote on them. Bear in mind that they can be stubborn with house training though, so it can take a while to get them to pee in the right place! On the plus side, they can be paper trained, making toileting easier if you are unable to take them out often.

Toy Poodle

Poodles come in three different size, the toy being the smallest, and most suited to apartment living. It will make a great apartment dog due to its size, but will still need plenty of stimulation and exercise. Another benefit of these dogs is that they are hypoallergenic, so perfect for those people who have allergies. 


Chihuahuas are featuring last on this list, because although they are small and perfectly sized for apartment life, they are quite yappy which can be very tough for the neighbors. If you are going to choose a Chihuahua to live with you in an apartment building, you will need to train them early on to keep their barking to a minimum. This can be quite tricky so  you might consider the help of a dog trainer. 

Are Large Dogs Suited to Apartment Living?

Most of the dogs which have been featured on this list are small to medium sized dogs, but some people prefer larger dog breeds. 

Any breed which is large and very active won’t be suitable for apartment living, especially if you don’t have easy access to plenty of walking areas nearby. 

Belgian Malinois are an example of a breed which wouldn’t cope well living in an apartment, they are quite big and require a lot of exercise. If you do want to keep a large dog in your apartment, they should be quite mellow such as Bull Mastiffs. 

Author Bio: Thomas Woods is the creator of Perfect Dog Breeds, a website which teaches people worldwide about the hundreds of different dog breeds available, and how to care for and train each of them.

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