EXEC Travel: Moving to the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are a great place to visit and an even better place to live. From affordable housing to outdoor activities and excellent school districts, the Great Lakes region of the U.S. offers so much that there is no reason not to consider these states when looking to purchase a home. Here’s what makes the Great Lakes so special (and why you should move there, too).

Housing for every lifestyle

The Great Lakes region of the U.S. has a variety of housing options fit for every lifestyle, whether you’re single, married with kids, or somewhere in between. The small towns and big cities of Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan offer everything from big cities to small towns, each of which is a great place to live no matter your interest. Be sure to check out the local favorite Michigan communities of Traverse City and Grand Haven, the beautiful and historic Indiana towns of Carmel and Fishes, and the unforgettable Illinois cities of Chicago and Evanston.

A nature-lover’s paradise

With gorgeous springs and summers, snow-filled winters, and beautiful autumns, getting to experience all four seasons in the states near the Great Lakes make this a nature-lover’s paradise. There is so much to do and see at the countless outdoor destinations in this environment, from watersports and fishing on the lakes to camping and hiking nearby, the Great Lakes are the perfect backdrop for anyone wanting to live in and experience the beauty of these states 365 days a year.

Excellent school districts

This region of the U.S. also boasts excellent school districts. The Midwest truly has it all when it comes to education, whether you’re looking for great schools for your children or you are an adult or university student wanting to further your education. Several school districts in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan are known for being among the best public school systems in all of the U.S., and the Midwest is known for top-of-the-line universities like the University of Notre Dame and Northwestern University. Education is one thing you won’t have to compromise on when you move to the Great Lakes.

Attractions by land and water

When you move to the Great Lakes, you’ll never be bored, as you’ll find plenty of must-see attractions by land and water everywhere you look. If you decide to settle down in a lakeside town, you will likely be on the water during the spring and summer, but no matter where you decide to purchase a home in these states, the close proximity to the lakes will probably give you the constant itch to get outdoors. There are plenty of attractions by land, as well, from museums to historic towns and even sprawling landscapes you can’t help but get lost in. There’s history and fun around every corner.

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