Best Instagram Accounts for Home Inspiration

The internet is full of inspiration from recipes, date night outfits and home design. Whether you are looking to make small improvements, start a full-on renovation or just want some decor ideas to switch up the look of a space, Instagram can be a great resource for ideas and tips. Here are our top five Instagram accounts to follow if you are a homeowner looking for inspiration.


With over 16K followers, Sarah with the Ugly Duckling House is based in Atlanta and covers everything from everyday activities with her pups to home renovations and DIYs. This account is perfect for the homeowner that is looking to make their home unique with outdoor features they craft themselves or make their hosted events more impressive with stand-out table settings. 


Are you a homeowner that loves vintage furniture and decor? Then self-proclaimed home decor lover and vintage treasure seeker, Brynne Delerson, is the influencer for you. This account features various rooms with different themes and feels, all designed around vintage furniture or rare finds. Mixing old and new can be hard, but with this feed’s inspiration, you can mix and match ideas easily.


Lucy Whitehouse charts her progress in creating a stylish and modern family home. This account is for the more Scandinavian-inspired decor lover. Lucy’s house incorporates eye-catching wall art and varied textures. This is also a great account to follow if you are looking for reasonably priced items to add to your home collection. Lucy often talks about her great finds that don’t break the bank!


Blogger and YouTube star Lydia Millen, has set up her Instagram account for fans to take a tour of her beautiful luxury home. Keep in mind, this account is for the homeowner looking to up the stakes when it comes to modern luxury. Clean, crisp colors and simplistic decor is what makes each corner of her home styled to perfection.


First-time homeowners or newly moved-in couples- this one’s for you! Chloe Lloyd has made a name for herself in the home influencer community with her old Hollywood meets modern glam style. This account may be your new inspo if you are still trying to find your taste as a new owner or as a new couple, trying to mix your styles together. Chloe relies heavily on pictures when decorating each room, so if you like to piece together different clips and patterns to see how it will fit together…this is the account for you.

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