7 Must-Have Home Features

A couple and a realtor are looking at a potential house for must-have home features.

If you have lived in your home for some time or are in search of a new home, you might be out of the loop on the latest features a home can include. From the newest technology to bonus rooms, we will cover a few must-have features to help you maximize convenience and increase your home value.

Smart Technology

Today’s modern home should come with some smart technology with it. This tech can make home living more convenient while keeping you safe.

A must-have home feature, smart technology, is operated from an iPad.

For example, a smart thermostat allows you to adjust or schedule temperature changes through your app. This feature can be convenient by keeping your AC at a higher temperature when you’re not home, then turning it on when you’re heading back to come home to a cool home. In addition, smart thermostats save energy, making the price worth it.

Another instance of smart technology is a home security system, letting you look through your home’s cameras at your convenience. Having this system can keep you safer compared to a base security setup.

Smart technology can also include your wall outlets, which can shut off when not in use. These outlets also come with USB slots, making charging small electronics more accessible.

You can also consider smart appliances, from your fridge to your oven. These appliances can make kitchen work more straightforward and can often keep you up with the news. For instance, smart fridges might have a display that tells you the weather, or a digital grocery list.

Your home probably won’t have every piece of smart tech in existence, so think of the basics and go from there. You can always buy more.

A Spacious Laundry Room

Many homeowners are looking for a laundry room where the appliances can connect. However, most laundry rooms are small and built into another room. One must-have home feature the modern homeowner should pursue is a larger room that makes storing dirty clothes and folding clean ones easier.

If your home doesn’t have a room like this, don’t count it out yet. Homes that have a spacious basement could double as a larger laundry room. As long as you have an area where doing laundry can be more accessible, you’re golden.

A Heated Garage

A heated garage with an organized tool bench.

A garage is essential for a modern homeowner. It lets you store your vehicles and other belongings or act as a hobby room. However, many garages lack heating, which can be a problem. Even though a garage can be warmer than the outside, it can still damage cars and even invite cold air into your home, worsening your heating bill. Portable heaters are usually not powerful enough to warm the entire space, and can pose fire hazards.

A garage with heating built-in can be a valuable solution, keeping every part of your home warm during the winter.

Of course, this feature ultimately depends on the severity of your winters. For example, you might not need this if you live in an area known for its milder winters. However, if you expect plenty of snow, ensure your garage has some heating.

Sensor-Activated Exterior Lighting

Another must-have home feature your property needs is exterior lighting. This type of lighting can include walkway lights or spotlights in your yard. It also emphasizes your yard, making it the envy of everyone who passes by. Many of these lights can be solar-powered, so there is no additional expense on your electric bill.

Sensor-activated lights can come on automatically at night or when someone is walking toward them. Both can work well as security systems, making it easier to see a possible burglar. Well-lit homes are less likely to be targeted.

Walk-In Kitchen Pantry

A walk-in pantry, a must-have home feature.

Another feature that many homeowners should look for is a walk-in pantry. Although most people immediately think of a closet at the mention of walk-in, the pantry is another area that can benefit from additional space. The kitchen can become crowded, particularly if you’re a bulk buyer or have many appliances you use. We recommend storing larger appliances in the pantry to create counterspace. Additional, you can stash non-perishable food in case of an emergency. Overall, a pantry makes storage easier while avoiding clutter in and around your main cooking operations.

A Nice Patio

One feature many future homeowners look for is a suitable patio. The patio is the place where magic can happen. Think of family cookouts or having a deep conversation with your friends at midnight over a few drinks.

The size of the patio can depend on your needs and budget. If you don’t have a large patio, many come with conveniences to give you more room, including built-in fireplaces and grills. Envision how you want to spend your nights on the patio and come up with a design that can suit them.

A Bonus Room

A bonus room downstairs.

When buying a home, having an extra room can be a lifesaver. If your home already has everything you need, you might feel like an extra room is unneeded. But, it’s nice to have some cushion for future changes. What happens if you get into a new hobby like sewing and need extra space for your machine and supplies? What if you want to build an in-home gym? What if you end up having a child?

A bonus room can be a convenient solution when life has a few extra surprises it wants to throw at you. Avoid stress over building a new room or planning an addition to your home by starting with an additional room (if budget allows).


These seven features are what many modern homeowners look for when buying a home. There are many more features that suit individual tastes, and you probably have some must-haves that we missed.

Remember, your home might not have everything on the list, so pick the must-haves you feel are most important to you. You can improve your home over time, meaning that you can eventually have the house that has it all!

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