Spruce Up Your Landscaping for Summer

A front yard with spruced up landscaping for summer.

Warmer weather means the trees are getting their leaves back, flowers are in bloom, and it is time to start mowing the grass again. As spring turns to summer, it is the perfect time to start tackling landscaping projects that will increase curb appeal and prepare your home for long, sunny days and warm, summer nights.

Whether you’re a DIY pro or just learning how to landscape your home, here are a few projects you can do this spring to spruce up your landscaping for summer.

1. Add Mulch to Flower Beds and Gardens

Spring is perfect for adding mulch to your flower beds and gardens. The mulch will add a thin protective layer to your plants, keeping them cooler and hydrated during summer months. Mulch will also help prevent weeds from spreading, saving you time weeding later in the year. The mulch will protect your plants and cover up the old, faded mulch and add a fresh look to your garden beds.

2. Water Appropriately

While you should start watering your lawn and plants in the spring, ensure you’re not overwatering or drowning your vegetation. Start watering early in the morning to give your plants time to absorb the water before temperatures rise. Keep an eye on any plants that are wilting, as it’s a sign they need more hydration. It is also recommended to water your grass according to your soil type. Clay soil requires less regular watering, while peat or sand soil requires more water.

3. Pressure Wash Your Deck, Patio, or Walkway

Over the winter, your walkways and outdoor living spaces get dirty from the snow, rain, plant debris, and other natural elements. Using a pressure washer to clean off the areas, you’ll remove any stains or leaves and have a clean slate to enjoy your space all summer. If you do not have a pressure washer, a hose with a nozzle will often work. Keep in mind that some hardware stores will rent equipment for daily use.

4. Add a Touch of Color with Flowers

Planting bright, colorful flowers in your yard will liven up your space for summer and add a fun accent to your landscaping. Some hardy perennials will survive several years — even in freezing weather if you live in a cooler climate. For warmer climates, research colorful plants like geranium, marigold, or cosmos that will survive in hot summers. By taking the time to plant them in the spring, you will allow the roots to grow for several months and establish hardy roots before winter hits again.

5. Fertilize Your Lawn

After a long winter, your grass needs some extra tender, loving care. Adding an organic fertilizer to your yard can infuse the grass with the nutrients it needs to have a healthy growing season in the spring and summer. You can test your soil to see what nutrients it lacks, then purchase the corresponding fertilizer. Adding fertilizer every month from May to September will help your grass grow strong and stay healthy throughout the cooler months.

6. Protect Against Insects

Warmer weather also means more insects. Spring is the perfect time to protect against insects and pests before the weather gets hotter and the mosquitos, ants, or other bugs emerge from their winter hiding. Depending on the bugs native to your area, you can spray your yard with a repellant, place ant traps around your house, or spray wood structures to deter bees. This is also a great time to check your house for any open crawlspaces or areas where other rodents can enter.

7. Install Solar Lights

Adding landscape lighting to your yard can take it to the next level and keep it illuminated all hours of the day. You can add solar panel lights along your walkway or spotlights to the front of your house. If you have a backyard patio or deck, string lights can create a welcoming atmosphere perfect for hosting guests. Solar lights are a low-cost way to get high-quality lighting without hardwiring into your electrical system. Explore what lighting would work best for your home and have fun!

8. Trim the Trees and Shrubs

Before trees and plants enter their peak season, take a minute to trim back the current plant to make way for new growth. Keeping your bushes and trees well-manicured and trimmed will improve your curb appeal and make your home look pristine. To trim your plants, you can use hand clippers or use a pruning pole for taller trees. By making cuts at a downward angle, you’ll promote new growth while keeping it healthy.

From planting to pruning, your yard is the most visible way to maintain your house. As you prepare for summer, take the time to get your yard ready so you can enjoy all that summer has to offer! You’ll thank yourself later.

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