Prepare for Your Move by Packing Like a Pro

A huge part of knowing how to prepare for a move is knowing how to pack. What do you do with all those necklaces? How do you keep those electric cables organized? Here are our best tips and hacks to prepare you for packing like a pro.

Purchase the right packing supplies

Moving is expensive enough without wasting money on supplies you don’t need. For example, you’re going to want the right kind of boxes to fit your personal items. Have a lot of books but very few hanging clothes? Buying the appropriate shape and size of boxes can make all the difference when packing up your home.

Know how to pack tricky items

Some items are harder to pack than others. Know how to wrap and pack your fragile belongings so they make it to your new home in one piece. Try packing your jewelry in plastic wrap, take photos of your electronics before unplugging them, and learn to pack your food like a grocer. And remember, always accurately label your boxes. You don’t want your books landing on your glassware.

Prepare to move by paring down

Unless you’re a true minimalist, chances are you don’t need everything you own. Prepare to move by going through your belongings and getting rid of what you don’t need. Hold a garage sale or a yard sale and donate anything that’s left at the end of the day.

Pack in the right order

As long as you aren’t moving in a hurry, you can start to pack up your home in stages. If you want to know how to prepare for a DIY move, much of your planning is in the packing. Start boxing up any off-season clothes and items that you rarely use as early as you can, especially if you aren’t going to use them before you move. The last items on your packing list should be your important documents, moving day dog kit, and your “open first” box which contains the essentials for the first days in your new home.

Prepare to move with the professionals

Choosing a moving company can be daunting, but knowing what to expect can significantly help.  Make sure you ask the right questions to moving companies and get multiple estimates before making your selection.

Interview moving companies

When it comes time to interview potential moving companies, asking the right questions is crucial. Be sure to get to know the company’s history and their licensing information. 

Understand the rules of professional moving

Before your moving company arrives, you should know what can and cannot go in the moving truck. Flammable items, for example, are not allowed in the vehicle and you should keep important documents with you when you move, not in the back of the truck. Once you select your moving company, figure out how much to tip your moving company and withdraw the correct amount of cash the day before your move.

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