Merging Decor Styles in Your New Home

Moving into a new home with a significant other for the first time is an exciting process. In addition to deciding how you’ll pay bills and keep up with housework, you’re going to have to make some big decisions on your home’s decor style together. This can be a huge headache for many couples, so read on for some tips on how to seamlessly merge decor styles in your new home sweet home.

Know what you’re willing to compromise on…and what you’re not

Compromise is the most important key to a harmonious style transition. You’re going to have to be willing to give up a little bit to make your partner happy, that’s just part of living together! However, it’s important to keep in mind the things that you’re absolutely not willing to compromise on too. Maybe it’s an antique piece of furniture that’s been passed down that you’re not willing to part with. Whatever the case may be, being open and honest with your partner about your non-negotiables will help facilitate communication as you begin to design your new home. But don’t forget, your partner will have their own non-negotiables too so have an open mind and be willing to make adjustments for them.

Make an upgrade

There are going to be pieces that your partner loves, but you’re not a huge fan of. Try offering to upgrade the piece as a compromise. You can refresh their favorite furniture with some paint or new upholstery to make it a piece you’ll both love. If they have memorabilia you’re not crazy about, try finding an artsy print that will pay homage to their favorite band or team instead. Etsy is a great place to find custom artwork for just about any movie, team, tv show or band out there. Your partner will love having their interests incorporated into your home’s decor and you’ll love ditching their old college dorm room posters. Win win!

Bring in a third party

Sometimes you’re just too close to an issue to make a fair decision so it’s a good idea to find a third party who can help out. One option is to consult a professional interior designer you both trust for their expert opinion. There are even services online such as Havenly that can help you find a designer that will match both of your styles. It can be very beneficial to have a neutral person to help settle disagreements over paint colors without hurting feelings. Plus, a designer might be able to introduce you to a design you hadn’t considered before that you’ll both be able to fall in love with.

Make it personal

Working together to put a personal touch on your new living space is a great way for both of you to develop a connection with your new decor. An easy way to do this is sit down together and pick out some photos of the two of you together to use as wall art. You can even incorporate landscape shots of places you’ve visited together to break it up. Another idea is to tackle a DIY project together. Not only is it a chance to bond with your partner, you’ll also be able to customize the project from start to finish to perfectly match your new combined style.

If you’re willing to have an open mind, decorating a new home as a couple can be a fun experience! You’ll learn a lot about your partner and hopefully end up with a beautiful new shared space. If you’re looking to buy your first place together, contact one of our offices near you for some help and don’t forget to keep checking back to our blog for more tips!

This post is intended for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional advice. The point of view and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of Realty Executives International. This post was written for Realty Executives by Gillian. Gillian works in the brand and content industry. When she’s not spending time outdoors with her dog, she enjoys reading and is passionate about design.

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