Gifts for First-time Homeowners

What gift do you get the first-time homeowner in your life? If this is something you’ve been struggling with, we’ve got you covered! From household gadgets to decor items to things that make your house feel more like a home, our list of gifts for the first-time homeowner will give you plenty of ideas for what to give (or what to buy yourself)!

Custom return address stamp

Since your loved one recently became a homeowner, a return address stamp is a gift they can use over and over again! While many would opt for purchasing customized stationary, a stamp is much more useful, versatile, and reusable. It’s also affordable, if you’re on a budget and need a heartfelt gift!

Custom new home Christmas ornament

Ornaments make great gifts no matter the time of year! If it’s the holiday season, the new homeowner can hang up their customized Christmas ornament on the tree right away. But you can still give them an ornament during any other time of year so that when the holidays roll around, they have a precious trinket that commemorates the year they bought a home. 

Custom family name sign

Another customized gift perfect for a new home is a family name sign. Custom signs like these are a great way to make a new house feel like home because they add that special, customized touch. You can find a sign that fits the style and look of the new home, or just choose a classic, timeless sign like the one we linked. 

Meal delivery service 

Moving into a new home can be hectic and overwhelming. So gifting your friend or loved one a meal delivery subscription service can help ease the stresses of meal planning. You can start by paying for the first month of meal deliveries and just let your recipient know they can cancel at any time. A gift like this would be a lifesaver, especially for families!


Every homeowner’s dream — a new vacuum cleaner! An awesome, high-tech vacuum is such an underrated gift. And one that is easy-to-use and lightweight would be very appreciated! The one we suggest is bagless, making it super convenient, and it’s great for pet owners. But you can also choose a more sleek model if your loved one recently moved into a smaller, space-efficient home. 

Tool kit

Finally, every home needs a tool kit. This might not be the most glamorous gift, but it’s definitely thoughtful an useful. We always need a tool kit during the times when we can’t find one! You can purchase a starter tool kit that has all the essentials and even gift it in a larger box or caddy that the homeowner can add to over time. 

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