A Dog Owner’s Guide to House Hunting

A family with their dog thinking about their future house hunt.

Searching for the perfect home can be a stressful process. So many things need to align for it to be successful- it needs to be the right time, you need to be in a good financial situation, and then there are all the home showings to schedule! But what happens when you add one more thing to the mix, specifically a dog? Looking for a home just for people is one thing but looking for a home suitable for pets is different. Dogs have their own needs, and you must ensure your new home can fulfill them.

If you are a first-time home buyer and don’t have any prior experience with this, it can be a little confusing. So, we created a short dog owner’s guide to house hunting to give you a better idea of what to do.

The first step of the dog owner’s guide to house hunting

The first thing to consider when house hunting with a pet is the size of the home. This includes both the inside and outside of the home. While small dogs like chihuahuas do not need much space, it is a different story with a bigger breed. Big dogs need ample space so they can move freely. Otherwise, they get frustrated. In this case, a house with a sizeable yard is a must. Dogs have a lot of energy and need regular physical activity, so having a yard takes some pressure off your regular dog park visits and walks. Big dog breeds like German Shepherds, Labradors, or Dobermanns would appreciate the space!

Are there parks nearby?

One of the first steps in our guide to house hunting is looking for nearby parks for the dog to play in.

Another crucial thing to remember when looking for the perfect home for you and your pup is the proximity of parks. Dogs love going on walks and playing in the park regularly. These activities help them to become properly socialized because they can interact with other humans and dogs. Try to find a home that is close to parks or, even better, dog parks.

Is the neighborhood dog friendly?

A vet in a dog friendly neighborhood doing a check-up on a puppy.

According to our dog owner’s guide to house hunting, the neighborhood you choose will play a significant role in your and your dog’s life. Not every community is suited for a dog. There are a few things an area needs to have to be considered dog friendly. First, there needs to be a good vet clinic in the neighborhood and there needs to be access to pet stores. You do not want to risk having an emergency with your dog and driving for hours because there is not a vet in your area. There should also be some good dog-friendly restaurants and cafes. Otherwise, you would have to leave your dog at home whenever you want to go for drinks with friends or grab a bite. And as referenced above, it is important to have parks nearby.

Take the dog to see the property

A couple introducing their dog to a new home, the last step in our guide to house hunting.

Moving to a new home can be stressful for dogs. A sudden change in environment makes them feel scared and insecure. That is why it is crucial to incorporate dogs into the house hunting process. Once you purchase a house that fulfills all the above-mentioned conditions, you should take the dog to check it out. This way, your pet will get a chance to get familiar with it and will not be as scared on moving day.

As a recommendation, make a list of questions and requests for the moving company before moving day so they can give you all the info you need. For example, you can request to unload your dog’s supplies before the rest of the rooms. This way, you can set up a safe space for your dog.

In Conclusion

This quick dog owner’s guide to house hunting highlights the main things to consider when choosing the right home for your family and your dog. Hopefully, you have a better idea of what to focus on during your search. Good luck!

About the Author: Emily Hales is a freelance writer from New York, who likes to write about her one true passion, dogs. She spends her time, writing, gardening, and taking care of her 5-year-old son and her two dogs.

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