8 Tips for Designing a Low Maintenance Home

Basic side tables near a couch, representing a low maintenance home.

Having a big and beautiful property is a dream that many people have. However, few people stop to consider the upkeep required for that dream to become a reality. Smaller properties or homes with a simplified design can be just as gorgeous!

There are many benefits to living in a low-maintenance home, including spending less time and money on the property. Whether you are looking to  invest in a house or a condo, consider these eight tips for designing a low-maintenance home.

1.      Select a neutral color palette and tones

In the fashion of keeping it simplistic, it may be wise to choose a neutral color palette. A one-color paint job will obviously cost less and save you precious time in the long run, as it is a low-maintenance option. Use decorative accents to add pops of color in the room without having to repaint the walls.

2.      Opt for artificial turf

Lately, many people are choosing artificial turf rather than natural grass for their gardens. There are many reasons why this is a good option. One of them – it’s fairly easy to maintain, as opposed to natural grass turf. Artificial turf can look just like the real one and it doesn’t even require watering! A thing to keep in mind, though, is that they are not cheap. If you are a newbie to this sort of thing, it’s best to read about it and explore different options before making a decision on the best artificial turf for your home.

3.      Choose surfaces that are easy to clean

Have you ever thought about replacing painted walls with wallpapers? Wallpapers are a great option to keep in mind when designing a low-maintenance home, as they are simple to clean.  Additionally, think of hard surfaces such as countertops. For example, although natural stone countertops are beautiful, they are more prone to staining and discoloration.  Materials such as quartz, Corian, or granite offer better stain resistance.

4.      Avoid clutter and keep it minimalistic

Fewer belongings mean less time commitment for maintenance. With a minimalistic and simple home, you can minimize the time you spend on upkeep and focus on other important things.

5.      Keep exterior maintenance to a minimum

Many people dream about having a picture-perfect garden, like those we often see in the movies. However, owning a breathtaking garden comes with a price. If your goal is designing a low-maintenance home, you’ll most likely need to forget about having a picturesque exterior and focus on keeping it simple. Options like rock and gravel make outdoor upkeep a breeze.

6.      Downsize if possible

It goes without saying that smaller homes are much easier to clean. Less space means that you will spend a significantly shorter amount of time getting your place in order. There are many other benefits to moving to a smaller house or an apartment. Downsizing will help you avoid having clutter around, as well. Not to mention that living in a smaller place is much more convenient when it comes to money you’ll have to spend. When the right time comes, you can upsize again.

7.      Get furniture that is not difficult to clean

It’s best to get furniture in a material that is easy to clean. We might think of ourselves as orderly people, but every once in a while, we might spill something over our sofa. It’s only natural. The difference– getting the stains out is much easier when the material is durable. For example, leather is perfect for these kinds of situations. Simply take a paper towel and wipe off any type of spillage.  Microfiber is also a nice option as it is typically washable.

8.      Keep bathroom and kitchen designs simple

You can’t deny the hardships of cleaning your kitchen and bathroom. But when you’re planning your dream kitchen and bathroom design – keep in mind the practicality of them as well. As much as you’d like to have a beautiful, fancy kitchen with plenty of lights and utensil cabinets, refrain from it. In the long run, having a simplistic design for these rooms is beneficial for you in terms of maintenance. If at some point, you feel like you need more upgrades to your bathroom, it’ll be easy to add them on.

Final words

Keeping your home simplistic and easy to clean is a challenge. These tips for designing a low-maintenance home will surely help you in this task.

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