Using Colored Concrete in the Home

A garage with a blue, colored concrete floor.

Concrete creates a solid foundation for your house, yet it doesn’t offer much pop in color. Naturally gray, you might wonder if there is a way for you to add some color to make pathways and other structures stand out. There are several affordable ways to implement colored concrete in your home.  Read on to learn more about methods to color your concrete, and how to integrate it into your home!

Applying Color to Concrete


One way to add color to your home is via concrete stains, which do not fade and can add some earthy colors to your house. You can stain your concrete before or after the job, allowing you to switch up the existing concrete within your home. While its semi-transparency means you cannot hide flaws, it is affordable at up to $10 per square foot.

Integral Coloring

Another way you can color your concrete is through integral pigmentation.  This method involves adding color to the concrete mix prior to pouring. This coloring allows for deep, all-through color that does not fade. Like staining, these tend to come in earthy colors. It is a bit more expensive at up to $12 per square foot, but it’s worth it.


What if you want concrete with more of a variety of colors? Dyeing is your option, as the color combinations are endless. They fade, so we don’t recommend them for outdoor jobs, but for inside, they can work quite well. Dyeing is a process you should use a contractor with, as you want to ensure that you have the color you want.

Metallic Coating

Finally, another way people color their concrete is by putting a layer of metallic epoxy coating on it. This method can color your concrete job while giving it the concrete sheen you might enjoy. Once again, be sure you have a professional help you with this.

Why it is an Excellent Interior Product

Many homeowners find that adding colored concrete to their home not only adds a unique appearance but can save them some hassle. Colored concrete will never be damaged by water or weakened over time. Depending on how you color concrete, it will not fade, either.

Colored concrete can be an investment, but because it lasts longer, it may save homeowners over time.

Ideas for Your Home

If you’re considering colored concrete for your home, here are some ways you can include it in your interior design.

Blues and Greens for the Bathroom

Your bathroom is the place where you relax. Therefore, having a more calming color scheme would benefit you here. Colored concrete works well for a bathroom because of its water resistance. If you’re searching for bathroom renovation ideas, this is something to consider. We should mention that you should research contractors, as you want to ensure that your concrete is dyed to perfection.

Earthy Colors for the Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the area where you want earthy colors. You want an inviting feeling every time you make food for your family or yourself. Instead of tiled floors, concrete can be a way to keep your kitchen safe from water, grease, or other floor-damaging dangers.

Pink in the Living Room

An edgier idea is to turn your living room pink. Pink manages to energize you without being too stimulating, which also works well when trying to unwind after a long day.

In addition, you can substitute pink for yellow or orange, as these colors have the same effects.

Contrasting Colors

With colored concrete, you may want to get experimental and try contrasting colors. For example, a black and white color scheme for your bedroom may make your room pop while helping you to relax. Contrasting colors also work well for the outdoors, as it helps your house to stand out.

Final Words

Colored concrete is a winning trend for a good reason. Not only is it sturdy, but there are several ways you can get the color job you want out of it. We recommend that you speak with a professional who can help you dye the concrete properly and apply it, as this can help you get the even coating you want for your home. With a little imagination, your concrete options are endless!

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