Tips for Moving Long Distance

Getting ready to explore a new place of residence is always exciting, but also a bit overwhelming. There’s a lot to research, consider and plan before you make the long trek to a different state or province. Check out these tips to make your long distance move the most efficient and stress free it can be!

Start Early

Moving anywhere is always a lot of work and can cause you stress, but moving across state or province lines is an even bigger process. That’s why it’s important to start planning early. With long hauls you will most likely have to book a moving company or rent a truck earlier than the day of and most importantly, will need to start saving earlier for the cost as well. You’ll also want to start early so that you can focus on the bigger things, like your new home and your personal transportation, as the move date gets closer. Not having to worry about a bunch of little things last minute will limit your stress and make the move efficient.

Do your research

Because it’s hard to know the ins and outs of places without having lived there, it’s important that you do as much research as possible before you move or even before you buy a home in a new state. Laws, cost of living, traffic and more are all going to vary between states and should be heavily considered when choosing your next home. If you are working with a real estate agent, it’s a good idea to have them give you information regarding certain neighborhoods in the area you are interested in. Qualified agents should be your local experts on school districts, crime rates, etc. in their market and are great resources to have in your pocket.

Clean out the Clutter

Like most people, you probably have accumulated more items than necessary in your home. Moving is a great excuse to get rid of that clutter and start with a clean slate! Go through your clothing, kitchen items and storage spaces to make a discard, keep and donate/sell piles. This process will help you pack lighter, which will save you money and time and if you have some nice items to sell, can even make you some cash before you make the big move. Also, consider if you are wanting to take your current furniture with you or buy new while there. Both will cost you, so this decision should also be considered based on your transportation limits with sizing and of course, if the style is something you want to bring into your new residence.

Budget, budget, budget

Moving to another state will require more budgeting than your previous moves due to the distance. If you are hiring a company, ask family and friends for recommendations before calling and asking for quotes. Also make sure you call more than one place for a quote to ensure you are getting the best deal. If you are planning to make the drive yourself, look into rental companies and see which fits your budget, including gas and insurance. Like with anything, the more you plan the less worried you have to be, so making a budget from the start will allow you to save accordingly and not stretch your bank account.

Take Inventory

Your belongings are valuable and meaningful, so don’t take any chances. Take inventory of the high-value and large pieces you are packing and placing in the moving truck. This step is only necessary if you are hiring a company to haul your items for you. This inventory list will give you peace of mind that if anything important were to go missing, you have proof that it was originally in the vehicle. Take any personal documents (passports, birth certificates, tax documents, etc.) in the vehicle you plan to be in during the move as another precaution. Lastly, if you are doing the move yourself you can still make an inventory list for your own unpacking process. It could help you determine what boxes need to go where and what containers should be placed in each new room.

Moving is exciting, but take these steps to make sure that your move across state lines is as simple as possible.

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