Selling your home? How to stage your bathroom

bathroom before staging

When selling your home, each room needs to be presented in its best light—even (or maybe especially) the bathroom. Bathroom remodels can be costly, but there are a few easy tricks you can do to turn a ho-hum bath into one that will have potential buyers anxious to move in.

I have a client who knows her bathroom needs freshening up, but doesn’t know how to do so without starting over. Since replacing the vanity wasn’t in her budget, I recommended a few low-cost solutions:

Give it a face lift with a coat of paint

After removing the old knobs, I cleaned the cabinet doors with a liquid sander and deglosser product. It helps new paint adhere to old finishes and is easier than sanding. Of course, if the finish was rough or chipped, then sandpaper would have been necessary.

I chose a two-in-one paint and primer with a stain blocker. Since she’s selling her home, we picked a shade of white that coordinates with the vinyl floor. White cabinetry is not only currently on trend, but it’s fresh, bright and appealing to buyers.

To make the vanity front look like one piece, I painted the wall section and trim at the bottom the same color. That way, the first impression is one long, white vanity.

painted wall and trim

Replace the door hardware

New door hardware is a fast and inexpensive update. Even if you don’t change the finish, swap out the old knobs for new ones. I found pearlized, octagonal pulls that almost replicate the paint color.

Declutter the room

Careful staging of a home helps sell it quickly. Pack away all the clutter, excess accessories and personal items, as you want the buyer to picture their furniture and furnishing in the rooms. Clearing things out also makes rooms and surfaces appear bigger. I packed up my client’s bathroom decor and purchased a few new bath accessories. Now the countertop looks huge!

bathroom after staging

As an interior designer, I always encourage my clients to redecorate and remodel while they are living in their home. You might as well enjoy the effort, money spent and the results. The best solution to a tired, old bathroom is to replace the vanity and countertop with something brand new. If that’s not possible, paint works wonders!


This guest post was written by Merri Cvetan, a Wisconsin interior designer who enjoys incorporating her crafting skills on decor projects. Merri writes on both design and crafting for Home Depot.

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