Smart home tech for pet owners

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Approximately 85 million households own a domestic pet. Pet ownership has steadily increased over the years, with more and more homeowners bringing a pet into the home. Pet ownership requires responsibility and constant care of your four legged loved one. The daily tasks of pet ownership can be made easier with these home tech products. Combine these resources of technology and your pet’s needs and you have solutions to some of the most common pet owner problems.

Automatic water bowl

Your pet, whether cat, dog, or guinea pig; requires a daily source of fresh water. An automatic water bowl keeps fresh water running for your pet all day long. The automatic water bowl can ensure that your pet is well watered throughout the day, even if you forget to fill the bowl before leaving the house. This technology-inspired bowl also filters out the water for a cleaner and fresher taste.

Pet chat system

Are you the type of pet owner who leaves the TV or radio on for your pet when you leave for work? A lot of pet owners do not like leaving their pet home alone, without any sound. Pet chat systems were designed specifically for that purpose. Think of pet chat systems as a way to communicate with your pet, from anywhere. Some systems like PetChatz also allow you to monitor noises, view your pet, stream TV stations designed pets, and even give your pets treats remotely.

Automatic pet feeder

Some pet owners feed their pets once a day. Others prefer more frequent, smaller meals every couple of hours. Puppies especially, require constant feedings. Regular feedings can be difficult to keep up with if you work long hours or are forced to spend many hours away from the home. With an automatic pet feeder, you can ensure that your pet is fed on your schedule. Automatic pet feeders also make it easier to schedule your pet’s meals and to stick to strict eating times.

Features that pet owners should look for when house-hunting

Invisible fence

Not all homes come equipped with a fenced-in yard. Installing a new fence may not be in the budget, or it may be prohibited by the local community. Owning a dog in a household without a fence can be inconvenient and worrisome. You either have to take your dog out on a leash for every bathroom break or trust that they will not leave the perimeter of the yard. An invisible fence can solve the problem of no fencing. It sets up an invisible boundary for your pet. The digital signals train them to stay within your yard, without having to install a fence.

Interactive play

A lot of pet owners feel some level of guilt when leaving their pets home for extended periods of time. What if you could play with your pet without ever leaving your office? Newly designed interactive play devices allow you to do just this. Interactive devices like the Petcube allow you to operate toys from your smart phone. They also serve a dual purpose, giving you the opportunity to engage in physical activity with your pets or check up on them. This interactive pet cube works for both cats and dogs. The app even gives you the opportunity to release a treat, aiding in pet training from your mobile phone.

With a little preparation and the right technological devices, you can interact with, feed, and check on your pets from anywhere in the world. Equipping your home with any of these pet friendly devices will make pet ownership much easier.


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