Pre-Assembled or Flat Pack Furniture: Which is Better?

There’s a lot of things to consider before purchasing furniture. Color, design, quality, and quantity are on top of the list. However, one point that you should keep in mind is how you want them to be delivered. 

When it comes to delivery, pre-assembled or flat pack furniture are two terms you should jot down when purchasing furniture for your new place. Which is better? Let’s found out.

Pre-assembled Furniture

If you don’t find yourself comfortable at assembling furniture, then you can rely on pre-assembled furniture. The term says it clearly. This kind of furniture is pre-made and is either handmade or done by machines. 

In other words, this furniture is ready for use the moment it’ll arrive at your front door. You don’t need to sweat on how to build the unit or possibly harm other people because the item isn’t assembled correctly. Also, there’s no need to worry about missing parts and possibly having to wait a couple of days for the company to resend the lost items. 

Although you’ve got nothing else to do with the furniture, you’ll still have to deal with how the furniture would arrive at your place. In most scenarios, you have to pay for some fees that’ll probably cost you more or less 50 bucks. 

Alternatively, you can pick up the furniture from the store to your house yourself, but you have to drive a sizable car. Even so, it can be a hassle thinking how are you going to fit in big furniture through a narrow doorway or carry upstairs yourself. On the contrary, pre-assembled cabinets, desks, or seats are pretty appealing for other individuals. Its greatest perk is that the work to-do has already been worked out for you. It’s one of the best ways to save time, especially for those who have their hands full.

Flat Packed Furniture

If you’re into creativity, you’ll surely have a do-it-yourself moment with flat-packed furniture. It has many nicknames, such as ‘ready-to-assemble,’ ‘self-assembly,’ ‘kit furniture,’ or ‘knock-down fittings.’

It’s well-known for its affordability. Its mass production and materials are way cheaper, so that can also be reflected in the final pricing of the furniture. Most of the time, the furniture will be durable as long as you’ll take care and properly maintain them. 

Another advantage of it is that it can be easily customized. If you’re bored and you find the furniture boring as well, you can dismantle it and easily put each part back together. To add, the furniture itself is transportable. If you wanted to move to another house, you can disassemble the parts, put them flat in a box, transport the box, and rebuild the unit.  

The only drawback of doing this, is that it’s time-consuming. If you want to save money and you’re a handy person, everything will be alright. However, if you’re not into tinkering, the chances are you’ll end up damaging the furniture instead. It’s also possible to lose some essential parts, making the assembling quite hectic. 

As it’s self-assembly, you have to follow specific instructions to ensure that you’ve put each part together properly. Otherwise, the furniture might fall apart.  Also, you’re more likely to need tools like screwdrivers, hammer and wrenches. If you’re a renter and nobody can lend you these tools, you might end up buying these things, as well.  

Do you know? 

The idea of flat-packed furniture started in 1950. It happened one typical working day of Gillis Lundgren, a furniture designer of IKEA. He had a hard time fitting a big table in his small car so he hoped that he could dismantle the legs and put them back later. Indeed, nothing is impossible. He made it come true, and that’s how the knock-down fitting, self-assembly furniture was invented. 


There’s a need to do self-check before running a furniture-check. If you don’t have time and you’re willing to spend a couple of bucks, then you can opt for pre-assembled furniture. Otherwise, you can choose flat-packed furniture. It’s best for you if you’re used to moving out often, thinks that doing DIY is fun or is in a tight budget.

Analisse Weathers is a blogger and writer. She mainly writes about home improvement, home renovation, home repairs, and just about anything related to home-related subjects. Analisse loves to write these topics as she aspires to become an interior designer someday. In her spare time, she spends time with her family and friends.

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