How to Use Social Media to Help Sell Your Home

Are you wanting to help your agent sell a home you just listed? Social media can help! Although few people see a house on social media and decide they gotta have it, it is a great place to make people notice your property and share it with their friends who are looking for a new home. There are many things you can do to market a home you are selling online. In this article, we are breaking down ways to use social media to sell your home faster and for more money.

Things to Focus on When You Use Social Media to Sell Your Home

Like any marketing campaign, using social media to sell your home requires a good strategy, especially if you want to sell and move in the off-peak season to prevent unplanned costs during relocation or if something about your home makes it hard to sell. Your agent will have their own marketing campaign ready to go, but you can always ask for tips on how you can market on your own time as well!

Know Your Target Audience 

Every social media platform is different and if you are wondering which one would be the most effective, you should ask your realtor who they think is best to attract. For instance, if your demographic is twenty-somethings, Instagram would be the best fit. But if your target audience are senior citizens, Facebook is a better option because very few of them use Instagram. However, there are always exceptions, and the social media channel you least rely on could easily be the one.

Target Specific Keywords

Using social media to sell a home requires basic knowledge of SEO. Determine the words potential buyers use when they search properties. Real estate keywords typically have three distinct markers – generic, local, and hyperlocal. So, in addition to targeting generic words like ’house’ and ’sale’, you want to be more specific, which means including the name of the location and a phrase that better describes the home, such as ’two-bedroom’.  

Include Videos 

Nowadays, home sellers need to come up with innovative ways to stand out from their competition. Photos are a must but they are often not enough to make your home stand out on social media. Encouraging your Realtor to use videos is a cost-efficient way to get your home noticed. YouTube video tours are a great way to show your home to people browsing online. You can market your videos on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email it to friends and family. Once your video gets a certain number of views, it will start appearing more in Google searches. Additionally, your agent can do a Facebook Live from your open house.

Make It Personal

No one knows the home you are selling better than you and your agent. Use that to your advantage. To make an intimate connection with prospective buyers, highlight the features of the property by describing it with warmth and attention to detail. Share personal stories about your home on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. A great way to make it even more personal is answering buyers’ questions in real time.

Be Consistent When You Use Social Media to Sell Your Home 

Using social media channels for selling your home faster is all about being consistent and posting regularly. It is the best way to attract more followers, increase their interest in the property, and stay at the top in Google searches for your targeted keywords. For more information on helping the sale of your home, ask your expert real estate professional.

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