Quiz: What type of housing is best for you?

What type of housing is best for you?

What type of house should you buy? Do you think you’re more suited to a tiny house in a modern community, or a traditional home with a white picket fence? Take our quiz to determine what housing option best suits your needs.

1. How well do you get along with people?

A) I love people

B) I don’t mind them that much

C) I want the option of complete privacy if I need it

2. Are you looking for a small or large space?

A) Small space, I don’t need much room

B) A medium-sized home with a small yard will do

C) I want a big house with a yard

3. How much storage space do you need?

A) Not much

B) Just enough for my belongings

C) I need a two-car garage at a minimum

4. Do you want pets?

A) No

B) I might get pets in the future

C) Yes

5. Are you interested in co-living or renting out some of your space in the future?

A) No

B) I might consider this if the opportunity arises

C) Yes, I would like the extra income

6. Do you want a space with amenities such as a gym, concierge services etc.?

A) Yes

B) Extra amenities would be nice, but they aren’t a must

C) No

7. Are you willing to pay extra fees for maintenance and upkeep?

A) Yes

B) Only if they’re reasonable

C) No

8. Would you like to be able to remodel your home?

A) No

B) Maybe, but this is not a deal-breaker

C) Yes, I want to be able to customize my home

9. How long do you plan to live in the home?

A) For three to four years

B) Five to 10 years

C) For the next decade, at least

How did you score?

Mostly A’s: Condominium

Condos offer the benefits of a home, without the admin since you pay association fees to maintain common areas like swimming pools  within the complex. They range in size, but typically make good starter homes for first-time homebuyers and individuals with small families. And if you decide to upgrade to a larger home, you can always keep the home as a rental property if you are not ready to sell.

Note: Banks may charge higher interest rates for condos in comparison to other housing options.

Mostly B’s: Townhouse

If you’re looking for an affordable option but would prefer more privacy than what a condominium offers, a townhouse is your best bet. While you may share walls with your neighbors, you won’t have to deal with anybody above or below you, and you’ll likely have your own garden and space in front of the property. Townhouses can have common areas as well, so you may have access to a pool, gym, spa etc. albeit at added cost. And since they usually have more room than condos, you also have the option of subletting some of the space.

Note: Some banks classify townhouses as single-family residences, so they do not charge higher interest rates for this housing option.

Mostly C’s: Single-family Residence

A single-family residence is a stand-alone structure with space on all sides of the property, so no shared walls with neighbors. There are no common areas, although some single-family residences in subdivisions do share amenities like dog parks. These homes can be multiple stories, with room for extended family or for tenants if you decide to rent out extra space. And if you want renovate your home, you can do so without having to consult a board or association (unless the home is part of an HOA), the way you would need to for a condo or townhome.

Note: This housing option is usually the most affordable in terms of financing.

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