Common house problems and how to solve them (Infographic)

Common house problems and solutions

For first-time homebuyers, there can be nothing as scary as the prospect of home repairs. Whether it’s a leaky faucet, a drafty door or a crack in the basement wall, any sign that a house needs repairs can cause new homeowners’ hearts to sink. Although there are many home repairs that are easily within the DIY capabilities of even the most inexperienced homeowner, there are many others that should be handled by a professional.

Knowing that American homeowners will spend more than $300 billion on home repairs and renovations in 2017, it’s important that homeowners know which repairs they can handle themselves and which ones need professional help.

Making a decision

Homeowners looking at repairs should first stop to consider if they are comfortable with doing the work on their own. Many problems around the house are fixed easily with a little knowledge and practice, but others can be too labor-intensive or complex for the do-it-yourselfer. Homeowners should use their best judgment when evaluating whether to call in a professional contractor. Trying to save a little money can backfire if the homeowner’s DIY efforts end up creating more problems than they solve.

Choosing a contractor

If a professional contractor’s help is required, homeowners need to be careful in choosing one. Some questions homeowners should ask contractors include:

  • Can I have some references from past customers?
  • Are you fully bonded and insured?
  • Can you provide me with an estimate in writing?
  • How do you accept payment?

If a contractor is reluctant or unwilling to answer those questions, that should be a red flag for homeowners. Other red flags include if a contractor insists on being paid in cash, or insists on being paid in full before the work begins.

Below is a list of some of the most common household issues homeowners may encounter, along with some tips for helping them make repairs on their own.

Common House Problems & Solutions Checklist created by Foundation Repair Services

No homeowner looks forward to making repairs, but with the right knowledge beforehand they can be properly handled without too much hassle.

This guest post was written by Brandon Cartee, the owner of Foundation Repair Services — a full-service specialty contracting company that helps both residential and commercial buildings throughout North and South Carolina.

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