Four Quick Tips to Improve Your Client Response Time

As any real estate agent and broker will attest, response time is key to earning you a spot at the top of the buyer and seller pyramid. In today’s world of instant gratification, brokers and agents have to be quick on the draw if they’re going to earn their clients’ business.

Our partners at dotloop understand the importance of being first and efficient. Here are four simple ways to help you take those hang-ups off hold and hit go.

1. Text Messenger

 Our latest mobile features help streamline transactions to improve client response times and help you get deals done faster when you’re at the office or on the move.

With dotloop’s new text Messenger feature, clients can send and receive text messages as well as open documents without having to create a dotloop account or download the app. Agents no longer have to tell their clients to be on the lookout for an email with a document to sign, and time-stamped read-receipts take the guesswork out of whether your client got your message. Even more, clients can respond to the text, open docs, sign and share back with their agents, without ever having to log in or download the app.

2. “My Loops” Responsive Technology

 With dotloop’s new Responsive Technology, users can navigate more efficiently regardless of screen size, browser type or resolution. All information is displayed visually so agents, admins and brokers can quickly scan multiple properties at once.

For instance, there’s now a visual progress bar that gives users the ability to glance at their cards to check the real-time status of a transaction, use new customized filters and upload pictures of a home from an MLS for easy scan display within a loop card. Users can also view in Card or List View, sort and tag loops to organize in the way that works best for them.

3. Real-Time Notifications

Did you know that the dotloop app can send real-time push notifications when a signature is required? We’ve made it easy for agents and admins to receive notifications when documents are signed, edited or shared

As a result, client follow-ups are much easier the moment a transaction starts. Like agents, clients also appreciate having one less email to send during the busy home buying and selling process.

4. CRM Integrations

At dotloop, we’re focused on integrating our platform with the most tech-forward and like-minded partners to make the real estate process better for everyone involved. Several of our integrations sync customer relationship management software (CRMs), which provide state-of-the-art technology to get you in front of your clients fast.

For example, some CRMs can be directed to track important dates (a closing date or key transaction milestones), send out reminders, and provide marketing automation to communicate with contacts directly through email templates, auto responses and texts – all which can help you improve your response time.

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