What to Consider When Moving to a New Part of the Country

Moving to a new place comes with its share of stressors and concerns, and moving to different part of the country is no different. There are many things to consider when deciding to move, so here are some questions to ask yourself before relocating to a new place.

Can I afford to live there?

One of the first determining factors for relocation should be affordability. The cost of living in this new region of the country may differ from where you currently live. You should ask yourself if you can afford to live in this new region, and whether or not the price difference will be a deal breaker in your decision to move.

What amenities are important to me?

Are there any amenities that are important to you in a city? What are the things that you value? Maybe you prefer a large city with an efficient public transportation system, or maybe a highly ranked school system is important to you and your family. Consider what you value in a place of residence and factor that into your moving decision.

How does this new place differ from where I currently live?

Every change in life comes with an adjustment period. Consider how this new part of the country differs from where you currently live. It may be a smooth transition because this new area is very similar to where you currently live, or the differences may be quite drastic. Prepare yourself for an adjustment period, and don’t get too stressed if you become shell shocked by the culture or climate of your new place. Differences are inevitable!

What is the housing market in this part of the country?

The housing market changes in every part of the U.S. Do some research on the market in the region you are planning to move to. There may be certain neighborhoods that are more affordable than others, and you should decide whether buying or renting is the best decision for you. You can consult local realtors and ask your friends or loved ones for recommended neighborhoods, and consider what home features are most important to you.

What is the best time of year to move?

If you are moving to an area with varying weather conditions, consider delaying your relocation until the weather is ideal. Moving in the cold winter or hot summer may impact the price, ease, and convenience of your move. Compare the weather to what you are used to, and factor that into when you decide to relocate.

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